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Cyber Boy Corp.’s CEO Arrested by Customs Department

BEVERLY HILLS – Sr. Roy Andrade, CBC a/k/a Cyber Boy Corp., was arrested on the eve of Christmas due to a misunderstanding or to say more accurately due to lack of awareness at the Los Angeles International Airport regarding some policies that most of the people are incognizant of. A civil money penalty of $250,000 was assessed against the CEO of Cyber Boy Corp. by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), working in coordination with U.S. Attorney’s office for the southern District of California, for taking cash into the United States from England on many a time and failing to file a FinCEN form 105 with the U.S. Custom Border Protection. The CEO was arrested in England on this Christmas. After a complaint was filed by the U.S. government for 31 USC § 5316 violation, he was extradited to California. FinCEN acted in coordination with law enforcement’s seizure of CBC and Sr. Roy Andrade’s arrest. The criminal investigation was conducted by the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Secret Service, and Homeland Security Investigations.

Customs Border Protection a FinCEN 105 form must be provided at or before the departure, under the section 5316, for anyone travelling on an international flight if they are taking or transporting more than $10,000 in foreign or domestic currency. Lacking in the cognizance, as there are no special announcements are made or/and no boards are held at the airports regarding the rule, thus, most people don’t know this ruling when they are taking flights from or/and to the United States. All the cash may be seized; and more is the fact that no criminal charges be filed. In the seizing of this cash, the states that top the lists are Florida and Miami. CBP officers seized roughly £310,000.00 in undeclared currency form Sir. Roy Andrade.

The CEO of the Cyber Boy Corp., said talking to the media, “The transportation of cash, regardless of the amount is legal. Monetary instruments include cash. I did nothing wrong. The forms were filed with CBP upon my departure and arrival to California from Europe. There is just a misunderstanding and I will be cleared of all charges. I don’t feel so bad. Even, Jesus Christ was arrested and flogged. I have been arrested and tattooed in the past. And no, I am not portraying myself as Jesus Christ. All I am saying is I am not guilty of any crime. There is simply a misunderstanding.” A civil asset forfeiture attorney and customs attorney has been hired by CBC to resolve these issues immediately.

He further said, “Listen, now that the cash has been seized, the attorneys can preserve a copy of surveillance video demonstrating my detention at LAX and the time the federal agent’s took possession of the money. Once, the U.S. Attorney’s Office assigns someone to the case, my legal team can release information showing why the cash came from a legitimate source of income, and a whole lot of whys. Like why procedural requirements were not followed. Why the way the money was seized was unlawful from its inception.” He was all confident and firm on his case, and said that there is big misunderstanding, and he has nothing wrong that will be proved later.

Sr. Roy Andrade was also charged with Public Intoxication under CPC §647(f) among other violations.

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