The Search for Meaning in the 2020 Elections

As I write this, the “unbiased’ media has declared Joe Biden the 46th President of the United States.

Despite multiple, credible claims of voter fraud, dead people casting live votes, hundreds of thousands of ballots “found” at an extremely convenient time, SCOTUS declaring that ballots which came in after election day must be segregated and recounted, and a vote-counting system that is revealing “glitch’ after “glitch’ the media (who by the way don’t determine the president) have decided to abandon the pretense and just declare their boy won.

So, what does this mean if it’s true?

It means that the Democrats, to whom power and dominion over others is an entitlement, were caught flat-footed in 2016. They expected Hillary Clinton to waltz into the White House essentially unopposed. She could even go so far as to call half the country a “basket of deplorables” and it wouldn’t matter because the party apparat would install her in the White House.

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the inauguration. Those deplorables decided that they were in fact the masters of their own government and rejected their “betters’ by electing Donald J. Trump.

The Left (synonymous with the Democrats) was outraged. Apoplectic. How dare the Great Unwashed deign to question their wisdom. The very same people who are calling for us to “unite around our new President Biden’ are the ones who have taken a perverse pride in a four-year campaign to destroy the president we elected. Endless investigations which revealed nothing. The deep state weaponized every agency in government to destroy the man. A fake impeachment for sins for which there is credible evidence our new “President’ is guilty. Riots. Destruction.

It means the party whose media sycophants are falsely calling on us to “trust the system’ and “accept the results’ are the same people who have spent four years casting aspersions on the electoral process; all without evidence. Now that there is very credible evidence of vote tampering in multiple battleground states, we are told to sit down, shut up, and deal with it. The same media who cheered Al Gore’s national temper tantrum in 2000 all the way to the Supreme Court on December 13th now want us to forget that election and move on. The height of hypocrisy.

It means the party that is calling for unity behind the Biden/Harris ticket is the very same one whose members are calling for compiling an enemy’s list so that Trump supporters will “have accountability.’ The party that weaponized the government against one man now wants you to put you on a list for daring to oppose them.

Given evidence (real, credible evidence vs. manufactured dossiers) that bears full investigation, I’ll expect President Trump to continue to fight for full transparency in the states where he was leading one moment and then several hundred thousand votes appeared out of thin air.

The Democrats have had four years to rectify the mistakes of 2016 and figure out how to steal the 2020 elections. I guess their calls for unity and trust in the process would be a lot more credible had they not spent the last four years in a great national temper tantrum all while declaring the electoral process invalid, even calling for the abolishment of the Electoral College.

Given the public statements by both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (not to mention AOC, Ihan Omar et al) I find great irony that the very same people who fancied themselves opponents of fascism (that they couldn’t define) are now lauding a pair of radical fascists.

Sour grapes? Perhaps. It’s not over until December when the electors are certified and the votes cast. Until then, the Democrat Party’s propaganda arm can continue to beclown themselves as they see fit. What does the media calling the election mean? Ultimately, nothing.

It means the originalists in the Supreme Court who will interpret the law as written vs. conjuring “rights’ out of whole cloth. It means we picked up seats in the House and the Senate, which also means the Left’s fever dreams of packing the court and making D.C. and Puerto Rico states are dead in the water. It means the focus on destroying Donald Trump meant we owned the down-ballot elections.

Know what else it means? It means to teach us (those of us who believe in the Republic as founded) to shut up and never question the Left ever again. It means that’s not going to happen because having been given a glimpse into just how stinking and corrupt Washington D.C. has become, we will fight even harder to change it. Because like or not swamp dwellers, we are still in charge. And we’re watching.

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