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Just How Hackable Are Voting Machines?

No, the election is not over. Trump has many ongoing legal cases to challenge the current results being reported by media. President Donald Trump’s team and their allies have set up a website for people to report possible cases of fraud or voting irregularities. You can report voter fraud you personally experienced, witnessed, or found via the world web. Report everything before they hide the evidence – click here.

Researchers have questioned the reliability of voting machines that state and local officials have rushed to implement at their polling locations for the 2020 presidential election. According to a February report by Associated Press, some of the most popular ballot-marking machines, made by Election Systems & Software and Dominion Voting Systems, register votes in bar codes that the human eye cannot decipher. So, just how secure and what are the possibilities of hacking these voting systems. Here are a few shocking videos that go into this subject, and it shows an alarming reality that, in fact, Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud may, in fact, true.

PBS documentary that shows that voting employees could only spot 7% of fraud in a trial run (a must watch):

Are electronic voting machines a good idea? Good background material to understand how fraudelent a voting system can be.

Watch hackers hack voting machines. They can be hacked in a few minutes.

Watch left-wing comedian prove the point that voting machines are fraud and admit Trump was right:

Here is Dr. J. Alex Halderman in 2017 testifying in front of the senate about how vulnerable our election system is vulnerable to hacking.

Read the letter Senator Warren, Klobuchar, and Wyden sent in 2019 with concerns of  Dominion voting machine switching votes.

In a recent test in Nevada’s Clark County, election officials accepted signatures on eight ballot return envelopes during the general election. It’s more evidence that signature verification is a flawed security measure.

When reviewing these videos, it should make your hair stand up on end. It is clear that our current voting systems have exposure to enormous fraud. Anyone suggesting otherwise is simply just not being honest. We specifically pointed to videos that are mostly left-wing authors to show that this is not simply a right-wing conspiracy. When one wins an election, often a candidate believes the system is true. When a candidate loses the opposite, claims will be made. To true the vote, we need:

  • Proper voter registration.
  • Voter ID.
  • In-person voting where possible and all mailed ballots must be requested by the registered voter (absentee ballot)
  • Reduce the time frame for early voting not to distort the campaigning of candidates as breaking news could alter a voter’s intentions.
  • All ballots by mail and early voting in person should be completed at least a week prior to election day to facilitate accurate processing not to delay election night results.
  • No same-day voter registration.
  • No Harvest Balloting.
  • One year residency upon changing domicile in new state jurisdiction.
  • All votes must be backed electronically and by paper. The voter’s Voter Security Number must be associated with each vote.
  • A complete chain of custody is required for every vote to be valid.
  • Reduce late candidates to close the window of post-election fraud.
  • Election fraud is a capital crime.
  • Auditable voting mechanisms that ensure transparency.

Win or lose, we as Americans need to make dramatic changes to how our elections are conducted. Our Republic depends on secure voting that gives confidence to all on voting integrity.

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