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At Least 19 Dead, Dozens Injured After Gunmen Target Afghan University

At least 19 are dead and over a dozen wounded after gunmen targeted Kabul University in Afghanistan on Monday, the New York Times reported.

The gunmen fired their weapons and set off explosives across the university for around four hours as Afghan and U.S. military officials attempted to catch them, the Times reported. Students ran in search of safety as gunshots rang out, video shows.

“The situation was very bad,” student Fardin Ahmadi said, the Times reported. “Every single student wanted to save their own life; we had forgotten about anything else.”

Ahmadi took shelter in a classroom for two hours before Afghan officials led him and a few others out of the area, the Times reported. Over 20 students and faculty were held hostage by the gunmen at one point.

Doctor Obaidullah Meraj said that several people were transported by ambulance from the university, the Times reported.

“During the attack on Kabul University, unfortunately, 19 were killed and 22 others were wounded,” Ministry of Interior spokesman Tariq Arian said, the Times reported.

The assault was the second targeted attack on an education facility in recent weeks, the Times reported. Over 40 high school students died in a suicide bombing that occurred at an educational center in western Kabul on Oct. 24.

The Taliban denied involvement in the attack, the Times reported.

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