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A Tale of a Joe Biden Electoral Victory?

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of justice, it was the age of mob rule, it was the age of free speech, it was the age of censorship, it was the age of truth, it was the age of lies, and it was the age of journalism, it was the age of propaganda.

The year is 2020, and a great political divide has plagued America for almost a decade. Imminently, America is about to conduct an election to decide its future. Will America continue to stay a capitalistic economic system or will it turn toward socialism, will America be based on an idea that binds it or wallow in the darkness of Identity Politics, and will America erase its history or will it preserve the principles of its founding fathers.

Events during this political time are quickening. Each day brings a new shocking headline, with many saying, “this has never happened before.” And yet it is happening. Regardless of who you are supporting in the election, the outcome is not going to be pretty. One side of this political divide will be devasted. In an op-ed for Revolver News, Sam Faddis characterizes what may happen depending on who will win the election:

“Should President Trump win, his victory will immediately be declared invalid and illegitimate by the mob, and the level of violence will explode. If Biden wins, the people and groups tearing this nation apart will consider him their puppet and will accelerate their efforts at revolution. If Biden proves unwilling or unable to accommodate them, he will suffer the same fate as Portland mayor Ted Wheeler, who endures Antifa harassment of his home as the price of failing to submit. This is not about reform. It is about revolution, and revolutions don’t care about elections.”

With this in mind, one wonders how the events could unfold over the next few months if Joe Biden should win on November 3. Let’s dust off the crystal ball and peer into the foggy interior to see what visions of a “tale” one could see.

Here is that Democratic “Tale:”

Noting just prior to the voting on November 3, the Biden campaign sees the surging Trump campaign in terms of enthusiasm and the polls. He must act to change the electoral situation. Since there is little time for real campaigning, a Biden strategy must focus on voter suppression and vote fraud to make up the difference. Suppression comes in the form of energizing his BLM/Antifa supporters to harass voters at Republican area polling stations – the fear of violence may cause some to stay home. Reports of a potential Trump landslide may provide the necessary motivation. Even further nefarious acts may occur, though too nefarious to mention here. Already reports are emerging of vast voter fraud from mail-in and email votes in an election with unprecedented voter participation.

In the end, the Biden strategy works, and the Democrats win a resounding victory in the 2020 presidential elections. They capture the presidency and a slim majority in the Senate and expand their majority in the House. An initial outpouring of joy erupts across the world and the various media outlets over the defeat of Trumpism. But this joy lasts for only a few days. The far-left Progressives grow worried that they will be once again sidelined like Bernie Sanders was during the Democratic election primaries of 2016 and 2020. They call for immediate BLM/Antifa protests/riots to continue until Joe Biden delivers on the agenda he has promised them during the electoral process.

The now lame-duck President Trump lays out a short-term plan to seek justice and place political land mines for the incoming Biden administration while still in office. The agenda includes court-packing the Supreme Court with more conservative judges and the FBI director’s immediate firing, the CIA director, and the Attorney General. These government officials are quickly replaced with temporary administrators that will begin to prosecute Joe Biden and his cabal for various crimes that Trump has been touting for months. Many stunning reports and videos will emerge via executive orders that release classified documents that describe the nefarious activities of many very high profile individuals in the Democratic apparatus.

In response to this Trump lame-duck agenda, the Democrats vow that they will begin immediate impeachment proceedings of Trump’s previous Supreme Court picks Neil Gorsuch and Amy Barett. A national security issue arises as members of the Democratic deep state engineer a “process coup” against Trump’s activities, and via the Congressional police, remove and jail these Trump officials, pending trial for sedition and treason. With Trump soon to be gone, the media will turn and aim their furry toward Biden and amplify these Democrat crimes. After all, the media is focused on clickbait ad revenue and division in the country to enable an even more nefarious agenda by their handlers.

The public will be shocked as these events unfold. This will cause the ongoing BLM/Antifa protest/riots across America to intensify – not just in major cities but in suburbs and rural America, as retribution against Trump supporters that have led the country to this state. The protesters/rioters will also grow in the distrust of Democrats and begin to also act out against the incoming Democrats and their power grab. The country will be in full-blown anarchy. A Constitutional Convention, along with a laundry list of many other issues, will be demanded – reparations, wealth and property confiscations, removal of all historical monuments, an end to “white supremacy,” and social justice. The Constitutional Convention demanded could pave the legal way to implement their Marxist Utopian agenda.

Local Democratic Governors and Mayors will try to stop the violence and property destruction but will have no mandate or resources to stop them. In Red states, local officials and militias work together to defend their communities from the roving mobs of BLM and Antifa rioters – the label of “peaceful protesters” has now clearly changed to become domestic terrorists – revolution is the state of play. At this point, Trump will have little power to do much either, as inauguration day of Biden draws near.

Similar protests and riots occur around the globe – for their various local issues. By now, global terrorist activities have become the norm. It is not just America experiencing anarchy – the whole globe as well. Nation-states begin to seize upon the global unrest to settle old scores. Russia makes a move against Ukraine. China against Taiwan. North Korea ramps up its missile and nuclear capability and launches several successful test launches over Japan. Israel contemplates a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear capabilities as the Middle East seethes with unrest. Drug gangs perform a coup d’etat in Mexico. Turkey captures Cyprus’s entire island, causing them to leave NATO, leaving the nukes at the Air Force base in Incirlik in the lurch. The EU does nothing, paralyzed by its own unrest that has now turned into a low-level Islamic insurgency, though calls for militarization grows. Regional war breaks out in the region of Kashmir as well as various other countries in South-East Asia. Global stock markets have been falling, but by now are in free fall, as global central banks issue a new currency, under their Great Reset agenda, to prop up ailing global economies with no avail.

On the inauguration day of Biden, the surreal becomes a reality. At the inauguration ceremony, Trump storms off the stage, not even shaking the hands of the then more feeble Joe Biden to begin the next presidential administration.  Since the Democrats have stolen the election from him, Trump plans his exit from the U.S. to an unknown international destination to plan a comeback run for the presidency in 2024. Biden gives a fumbling gaff prone inaugural speech and is whisked off the stage after 10 minutes. Joe Biden will be unable to attend any inaugural balls to celebrate due to health and national security concerns.

Meanwhile, the second wave of the Coronavirus has been building, which has largely been ignored until now. Infection rates soar to three times the first wave. All around the world, the virus spreads with an even more deadly strain causing more mounting deaths. Rumors of further nefarious Chinese activities may have caused the virus’s deadly escalation. Many countries are demanding the Chinese pay virus reparations. However, this does not include the U.S., as the Biden administration is beholding to the Chinese via deep state blackmail. Biden, upon inauguration, issues an executive order to lockdown and mandate Americans to mask up. However, it will largely be ignored, and further conflict occurs to protest the orders – many organized rouge groups and lone-wolf domestic terror events occur on both sides of the political divide on a daily basis.

Now in very poor health, Joe Biden announces his plans to leave the presidency in six months, preparing the way for President Kamala Harris. Propping up ailing popular support, Biden promises the demanded Constitutional Convention to “re-right” the “sins” of America and makes way for a Global Reset, to save us from an impending global depression. See more in this video on this Global Reset:

This begins a new dangerous dark age for America and the world.

A rather frightful dark picture of our immediate future. Is this “tale” just fictional and mere fear-mongering? As mentioned before, how many times have you heard in recent months, “this has never happened before.” I will let you ponder this.

In any case, one has to ask whether the losing side of this election will accept the outcome. Will the loser be ready to walk over to the other side, shake their hands and say, “the country has decided to go your way, congratulations, and now let’s work together to make the country better.” Most likely not. Americans are divided, the Democrats have radicalized a large portion of the population, and the stakes are so great that one does have to wonder what is in the future for America and the world.

If you believe any part of this “tale” may become a reality, it is still not too late to act – VOTE wisely this November 3.

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