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One Serious Question About The Left’s Insistence On Everyone Wearing A Mask

When I was serving in the Army in the mid-60s I watched the South Korean citizens seemingly always wearing facial masks, and I now believe that our leaders, nearly all of whom are on the political left, are taking me and America back to those ancient times and those obnoxious practices. The South Koreans were and still are a very industrious and hard-working people, but they looked like mindless slaves with their useless facial coverings.

I personally believe that masks are worthless in protecting anyone except for direct bursts of breath, such as coughing and sneezing, and I wear a mask only when a shop I want to enter insists I do so, and I will never wear a mask out of doors. So I have one question that I believe sums up and destroys the political left’s constant insistence that everyone must wear a mask for protection, at all times, which is the direction I see this idiotic practice heading: If your facial mask is really as good as you say it is at protecting yourself and others surrounding you, then why do I have to wear a mask as well?

If indeed your mask will not protect you, then my mask won’t protect you either, and the only reason leftists insist on wearing the worthless things is to continue the left’s policy and practice of always using the fist and a good helping of fear to keep people under control. But if your mask will protect you, then there’s no need for me to wear one and look as stupid as you do, with the mask obstructing your face and your breathing.

For purposes of personal liberty, I’m willing to risk infection by never wearing a mask, and at the age of seventy-seven I’ve been perfectly healthy these last several months as the left has attempted to frighten everyone with certain death and coerce them into doing the radical lefts’ bidding while threatening to lockdown down the nation once again. If your mask really works and protects you from infection, as you repeatedly state that it does, then why do I have to wear one as well?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Excellent question by Dave King. Like him, I am in my 70’s, although not quite as far along. Also, like Mr. King, I am very healthy (I have never taken a flu shot, never had the flu). So, why should I have to wear a mask, especially outdoors, as Chairman Joe Biden wants citizens to do. I perhaps, get one cold per year. So, if Uncle Joe’s mask protects him from the covid 19 virus, why do I have to wear a mask? My last visit to the hospital for any reason, was over 10 years ago when I had a gastric by-pass done which decreased “me” by 160 pounds and cut my daily medication regimen by 3/4.. So, back to the basic question: If your mask is so good, why do I have to wear one, since I don’t feel the need for one?

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