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Is Clayton Kershaw Changing his Postseason History?

The Major League Baseball season is currently in its World Series. This is a humongous end-of-the-season tournament that results in a crowning of the World Series champion. As one of the oldest professional sports, the Major League Baseball World Series is one of the most anticipated events of the year. One of the most storied pitchers in all of baseball is Clayton Kershaw off. Even though there were many people who felt like Major League Baseball would never make it to this point, they are in the process of creating a champion and the Los Angeles Dodgers, led by Clayton Kershaw, have been the best team all Ssason. Posting a historically great winning percentage, that are getting ready to cap off their run to the title, making them one of the top MLB picks. At the same time, Clayton Kershaw has been more of a hindrance though bad an ace pitcher during the past few years. Is he in the process of changing his postseason narrative? 

Clayton Kershaw Has a Reputation as a Choker

First, it is important to take a look at the reputation that Clayton Kershaw has right now. When compared to his great regular-season performance, his postseason performance has left something to be desired, to put it kindly. There is an endless litany of results posted by Clayton Kershaw have been less than desirable. Often, he has been asked to step up and deliver for his team during some of the biggest moments in the postseason. He always seems to fall short. Why is this the case? 

It is important to note that many people are comparing Clayton Kershaw to himself. Because he has been so good and the regular season, the expectations are high. It is true that he has one of the highest postseason earned run averages of any postseason pitcher; however, he also tends to do very well for the first six innings. Often, he is simply left in too long. If his manager would pull him earlier, then his results would look significantly better. 

The Narrative Is Changing This Season

This postseason, Clayton Kershaw has been nothing short of great. Yes, he did not post a great last outing against the Atlanta Braves; however, all of his other outings have been fantastic. Furthermore, his first performance in the World Series was excellent as well. He only gave up one run. It remains to be seen whether or not the Los Angeles Dodgers are going to be able to cap off their run to the world series title and take down the Tampa Bay Rays. At the same time, there is one thing that is certain. Clayton Kershaw is not going to be standing in the way of his team this year. This postseason, Clayton Kershaw has been nothing short of fantastic. If the Los Angeles Dodgers end up completing their run to the baseball history books and ending their World Series drought, Clayton Kershaw is going to be one of the big reasons why. Therefore, it looks like Clayton Kershaw is in the process of changing his narrative when it comes to his playoff performance. It will be interesting to see what happens this World Series, which is going to be one that people will never forget.

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