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Five Fun and Simple Ways to Personalize Your Stuff

Buying things is fun, and we can all agree on that. It might not always be great to spend money, but replacing an old appliance or electronic always feels so good. Seeing that shiny new toys come out of the box is like Christmas for adults, but whenever you want.

It becomes even more fun when you start to personalize your belongings. Even your older stuff can get some new life by adding a personal flair to it. Here are some fun and easy ways to personalize your belongings.

1. Stickers

Stickers might seem childish, but it’s a simple little way to remind yourself of things you like. Many people choose to put them on their cars, and purchasing a sticker from a place you visited is a cool little reminder. Another fun option is to get custom sticker printing done to help you place some fun and incredibly unique decals all over your stuff. Put them on phones, consoles, laptops, guitars, and nearly anything.

2. Paint job

Painting your things can be a cool little hobby that allows you to make your stuff more personal. With some brushes, some paint, or even a can of spray paint, you can turn your stuff into art. Making stencils is a really fun way to ensure that your work looks exactly how it should. Remember to cover any holes or sensitive pieces, so that the paint doesn’t damage anything important.

3. Bedazzling

Admittedly, bedazzling isn’t for everyone, but maybe it’s something you’d like to do to your phone or electronics. Adding some cheap little rhinestones or plastic jewels on your case or the phone itself can make it sparkle and shine like no one else’s. On the plus side, you’ll always know which phone is yours.

4. Engravings

For sentimental belongings, you want to make them even more personal because it adds a lot of charm to them. One of the best ways to do this is by adding an engraving. This is especially thoughtful for jewelry that was gifted or handed down to you by a loved one. Engravings can add that extra little touch to always let you think about them.

5. Wear them down.

Everyone has that one belonging that might look a little worn down, but holds a lot of value to them. The best way to customize something is by simply using it so much that it develops distinct features. As mentioned, instruments are like this, and wooden acoustic guitars can develop notches or scratches that add a lot of character. Even this simple technique of just adding some wear and tear can turn any of your belongings into a highly personal piece.

Personalizing your stuff is a good way to turn a new or old belonging into a unique part of your home. It could be something, such as a phone, laptop, or a sentimental piece of jewelry. These options can help make it a special thing you own that stands apart from others.

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