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When the Present Political Fad Undermines The Past And The Future

When the mayor of Washington D.C. recently decided that the Washington Monument should be removed at some point, one of her supporters brought up the subject of her timing and wondered why she presented her proposal now. Democrats are not only anti-American and Socialistic in their ideas and policies, they are also emotional and thoughtless in their scheming.

After over a century of enjoying the beautiful monument to George Washington, only in September of 2020 do Democrats insist that it be torn down and reduced to rubble. The past doesn’t mean a thing to Democrats and future generations are not even considered in their decision to destroy the monument; they want destruction, now!

What if the partisan Democrats and their hate-America attitude is misdirected and George Washington does not deserve to be reviled (he doesn’t), then destroying the monument would be a mistake (it is) and the abrupt and present-only-oriented decision would be the wrong thing to do. Now, amidst a nationwide vomiting of leftist violence and racial hate, is the wrong time to suggest we destroy a national treasure like the Washington Monument.

Democrats are always certain that their intentions are the correct ones for all society, as all dictators are absolutely certain of their infallibility. It’s one thing to establish policy when they are in power, but in the twenty-first century the Democrat party tends to fight for selfish changes that negatively impact every citizen and can’t be undone once their mistakes have been committed.

Open borders is one example of a policy that would create a bad situation that cannot be undone once we have millions of uneducated, non-English speaking and likely unhealthy people permanently residing here. Democrats never include such future considerations into their calculations, they just move emotionally with a concentration on their immediate political power as the only guiding force and the only subject of interest to them.

Another policy that Democrats have not thought through is the dismissal of all police forces, based on the Democrat party’s emotional stance at this moment in time. With no police to investigate crimes and act as a deterrent to criminal behavior, property would be destroyed and many people would be beaten or killed as criminals roamed freely, and these acts of crime can never be undone even if sensible people later reverse the idiotic acts of present-day Democrats.

The destruction of America’s system of electing a president is also being destroyed by leftist Democrats who insist on the fraud-fraught mass mail-in of ballots followed by months of suing and fighting to decide who won the vote. Our system has proven itself to be widely acceptable to a majority of Americans, but Democrats see a chance to grab power, so they lunge at it, and create chaos in the process.

The destruction of America movement is only the most recent example of Democrat idiotic, stupid ideas and proposals that can never be undone and put right at a later date. And also on the policy plate of Democrats is the elimination of Capitalism and a disregard for our constitution, which they don’t understand would eliminate our liberty and prosperity as well. Or do they even understand the successful nation America has become as they plot for political power and the necessity to rule and be obeyed?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Demoshits are not interested in what is good for America or the American people!! Demoshits are only interested in what is good for Demoshits!!!

  2. One Plus One Equals Two. You cannot change that. That IS the Truth; verifiable and self-evident.

    The lowest common denominator of all mankind is the individual human. That is verifiable self-evident Truth. All human beings are equally human and our unalienable rights are because of our nature of being human. Nature and the Creator of that nature is the source of these rights.

    I have the right to choose. I can choose to be wrong. Not until I actually violate another human being’s rights does ANYONE have the right or authority to do anything about my CHOICE!

    If I choose to think America is a good nation and equally fair to all – no matter how right you THINK you are – you do not have the right to destroy what I love and what is MINE! You may be convinced of lies to the contrary but your ideas of justice belong to you – NOT me! Just because you think you are right is no cause to destroy me and my country. I may think a bullet thru your brain is a good idea. But not until I act upon that idea I would be actually wrong.

    Both of those EQUALLY violent acts belong to That which is greater than ourselves. God! If we act like those ideas suggest we act like we are god!

    But if you actually attempt to destroy my nation I then have the RIGHT and the DUTY to put that bullet thru your brain!

    The only purpose of any man-government is to give the force of law to my right to defend my life and my property. That should be enough warning…

  3. I’m not quite sure I understand the word “FAD” as used in the title. That would indicate that this is just a temporary selection of events that will soon be put away with bell bottom pants.

    However, all the points made are very valid. and should sound the ALARM in every American. Once these parts of history and law are erased, they will not return….A nation without history (a past_) cannot exist. ‘

    VOTES ARE OUR VOICES….The issues and people that get the most win….HOW MUCH DO YOU LIKE TO WIN?

    Get Out the Vote (neighbors, friends & anyone that listen) VOTE FOR AMERICA…..IN PERSON

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