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Quick Read: How to Make Sure Your Vote Counts in the 2020 Election

Send this to everyone you know. Let’s get every vote counted.

The media has made it clear that in order for your vote to count, you must take action. But, how can you make sure YOUR ballot is counted?

How Can I Make Sure My Ballot is Counted in the 2020 Election?

The news media are clouding the issue as they confuse voters over unsolicited ballots and absentee ballots. They are two entirely different things as one is secure and the other is ripe for fraud. So, here are the five things every voter can do to make sure their vote counts.

1) Vote in-person

This is the #1 way to make sure your vote counts.

Voting in-person typically means that you are the only person to touch your ballot after you’ve made your choices. In the case of paper ballots, most polling places have you personally place your ballot in the counting machine. This ensures that no altering of your ballot is possible and that your vote will count.

Vote early if you want to avoid the election day crowds. Early voting is just as secure as election day in-person voting. Voting early may also make sure your actual vote counts in-case a fraudster later tries to register a fake ballot in your name.

In-person voting also requires effort. You have to go to the polling place, personally request YOUR ballot and make your choices. Fraudsters aren’t up to waiting in line for a single fraudulent vote.

2) Vote Absentee

Ignore the media. They are putting out confusing stories about mail-in ballots. There is a real difference between ballots mailed to addresses that didn’t request them and the absentee ballot system that requires a voter to request a ballot before it gets sent. Unsolicited (mail-in) ballots are easy targets for fraudsters who want to steal your vote. Requested absentee ballots are safe, secure and a good way to make sure your vote counts.

3) Mail the Ballot Yourself

Once you’ve completed your absentee ballot, put it in the mailbox yourself or have a trusted family member or friend do it if you are unable.

4) Do NOT Trust a Stranger with your Ballot

Ballot harvesters may come to your door demanding that you fill out a ballot and give it to them. As they are not election officials, they can decide what to do with your ballot if they agree or disagree with your selections. They are not to be trusted and if they get pushy, call the police.

5) Follow the Rules

Make sure to follow the instructions on your ballot. For absentee ballots, make sure to sign the ballot, if required, and provide all identifying information. Take your time and get it right to make sure your vote counts.

What is the difference between mass mail voting and absentee voting

Despite the news media’s claims, they are VERY different.

Mass mail voting is when the State Secretary mails a ballot out to everyone who is on the voter rolls in that state. It doesn’t matter if that person still lives in the state or at that address. In some cases, it doesn’t even matter if the person is still alive. In fact, your ballot could be mailed to an old address allowing a fraudster to fill it in.

Absentee voting requires that a voter request a ballot, affirm who they are and prove where they live. This ensures that only legitimate voters get a ballot and that the person who requests a ballot gets one.

To avoid the possibility of an unsolicited ballot with your name on it going to the wrong place, update your voter registration information if you’ve moved.

I Want My Vote to Count

We all do. Follow these guidelines and make sure that you only file a solicited (absentee) or in-person ballot, follow the rules, and your vote will count.

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