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President Trump Speaks to Supporters at LaTrobe, PA Rally

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President Trump held a rally in LaTrobe, Pa on Thursday before a typical Trump crowd of thousands of supporters at the LaTrobe airport hanger with thousands more outside. Speaking for an hour and 45 minutes much of it ad-libbed and off the top of his head using teleprompters occasionally for notes like he always does, Trump covered a myriad of topics from his accomplishments and international affairs to the Joe Biden campaign while wading through the lies and misinformation put out by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden and mainly the mainstream media.

Trump told how he recently returned from a trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin to examine the damage from riots there and throngs of people lined the streets to see him. “Biden decided to go there today, the next day and there was nobody,” Trump said to laughter from the crowd, “He’s Hiden Biden,” Trump said stating his new name for Biden.

Trump told how earlier this week he went for a physical at Walter Reed Hospital and was there for about an hour and passed. When he was out and in the motorcade back to the white house he got a call from his wife asking if he was alright. ”I am why do you ask? ” he said, ”Because the media is saying you had a series of mini-strokes,” she said. Trump said by the time he got back CNN was saying he had a massive heart attack. “That’s because it’s fake news,” he said as he pointed to the lights going out on the CNN camera, ”They don’t like me saying that,” he said to cheers from the audience.

Trump told how under a Biden administration your taxes will go way up and stocks and 401 k’s that are doing great now will go way down. “They want to do away with oil and gas and have their ridiculous Green New Deal. Biden wants to defund the police and was against fracking. Now he says he never said that and is for fracking and wants to increase the police after saying he never said he was for defunding the police,” Trump said noting how Biden flip flops all over the place and doesn’t know where he is half the time.

“We could have gotten a lot more done if they hadn’t spent so much time on impeachment and the Ukraine call I did – which was a perfect call. These are very sick people,” Trump said. Trump told how Nancy Pelosi is now saying her beautician set her up. “She turned her in” Trump said, “Nancy was a regular customer of hers and she turned her in. Boy, they must really hate her,” Trump said to a cheering crowd.

Trump reminded everyone that his administration took out the two largest terrorists in the world Al Baghdadi the leader and founder of ISIS and Solemani who Biden and Obama were against taking out. Trump told how he was called racist and xenophobic for putting the travel ban on China and Europe when the virus first broke out and saved thousands of lives. He told how he was able to give ventilators to everyone who needed one and under  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo 35,000 senior citizens died because he put covid victims in nursing homes when he set up the 3000 bed Javits Center and got the Mercy Hospital a ship with hundreds of rooms here for that purpose and he never used them. “People needlessly died because of his bad mistake,” Trump said.

The Cuomo administration fired back defending his actions by having  The State Department of Health issued a 33-page report meant to dispel the notion that its March directive fueled the spread of the virus. The report blamed the 37,500 nursing home workers — about a quarter of the state’s total nursing home staff — who became infected since mid-March, unknowingly transmitting the virus to residents

Trump closed by saying “In the previous administration you had a president who hated America now you have one who loves America and wants to keep it safe.”

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