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Planning To Immigrate To Canada From UAE? Here are Some Facts You Should Know

Even though glamorous lifestyle, fancy buildings and high-speed advancement is the signature of the UAE across the world, many of their permanent residents want to move to Canada.

According to the immigration lawyers of Immigration Law Firm in Toronto, every year, over thousands of the United Arab Emirates’ expatriates apply to immigrate to Canada. The fact is, the UAE is known to be fifth most popular country of residence of the successful Express Entry Candidates.

Most people who immigrate from the UAE are expatriates. However, when it comes to immigration, the applications of both the Emirati citizens as well as the expatriates are considered evenly.

Why Do People from UAE Want to Move To Canada?

There are several reasons why the people of the United Arab Emirates move to Canada. Some of the reasons are universal health care, high-quality education, job opportunities, nature and wildlife, a pathway to citizenship, etc.

Most expatriates of the UAE, as well as the Emirati citizens, choose to immigrate as skilled workers in Canada. Even though the current pandemic has slowed down the immigration process, Canada is still processing the skilled workers’ application for immigration.

Language proficiency, age, education level, and work experiences are some of the factors that are considered during the application evaluation process. As most of the Emiratis have a robust grasp on the English language, they enjoy a special advantage when applying for the permanent residence.

The Canadian Immigration Programs That Applicants of the UAE Use

Express Entry

This is the system that the Canadian Government uses for managing permanent residence applications. Through this system, skilled workers can submit their application to the immigration program of Canada. According to the lawyers of Immigration Law Firm in Toronto, most of the interested candidates will be eligible for one of the three following programs.

  • Foreign Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Foreign Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

If the applicant has never lived in Canada before, he or she should choose the FSWP to be considered as eligible for Express Entry. The eligible candidates will be able to create their Express Entry Profile without spending any money. However, to proceed further, the candidate has to take a language proficiency test in French or English. The candidate also needs to assess his/her foreign educational credentials.

Once you have one all that, then based on your Express Entry Profile, you will be awarded a Comprehensive Ranking System score. In every two weeks, the Canadian government invites the applicants with the highest scores to apply for permanent residence. Even with the current travel restrictions, the government of Canada is still sending an invitation to the applicants living abroad.

The lawyers of Immigration Law Firm in Toronto think that the Canadian Government is taking this step as they understand the important role immigration will play in the recovery of the economy of the country post-COVID.


Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is yet another avenue for people to immigrate from the UAE to Canada. The PNP offers the territories and the provinces the power to nominate foreign skilled workers who can meet their economic requirements.

The candidates can apply for any of the specific PNP streams directly. According to the immigration lawyers, if the candidates create an Express Entry Profile before applying, they will be able to avail more options.

Being in the express entry pool will help you to bag an invitation to apply for a provincial nomination, or an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

100+ Options

All in all, the Emirati citizens and the expatriates can avail more than 100 skilled worker options from which they can take their pick. The applicant should consider his or her requirements and choose the program that helps them to realize their Canadian Immigration Goals without any hassles.

Family Sponsorship

Immigration to Canada from UAE can also be realized with the help of the Canadian Family sponsorship programs. To qualify in this immigration method, you have to have a family member, who is already a citizen or a permanent resident in Canada.

Talk to your relative to check whether he or she is prepared to become your sponsor in Canada. The lawyers of Immigration Law Firm in Toronto remind that IRCC receives such expressions of interest only once in a year. That means, once the deadline of the year passes, you have to wait for yet another year for the application.

Every year, IRCC chooses only a select few to become a sponsor for their family. If your relative gets the necessary approval and files the application, then only your eligibility for permanent residency will get checked. If you are deemed as eligible, remember that your sponsor will have to bear your financial responsibility while you get settled down in Canada.

All in all, there are many ways that you can apply to immigrate in Canada if you are an expatriate or an Emirati citizen. However, during the application, if you do not complete the documentation properly, your application process will get delayed. If you want to experience a smoother process, get in touch with the immigration lawyers of Immigration Law Firm in Toronto.

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