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In Dangerous, Lawless Times, Only Crooks Would Defund The Police

A sensible person would have to wonder why other “sensible” people would ever, even in jest, suggest that we get rid of our cities’ police forces.

Then the light comes on, and we realize that those who propose such a stupid thing are themselves the criminals that the police are hired to get rid of, or they’re just leftist Democrats who live in places that rarely need police assistance and have little crime to deal with in their lives, and these privileged people have bought into the leftist, BLM and ANTIFA racist crap.

Either way, be they crooks or just leftist, Democrat dunces, we have to stop these fools from the destructive path they’re trying to take us down. Maybe they are just insisting on this particular and carefully selected proposal hoping they will divide America even further, with the intent of preventing Donald Trump from being re-elected, which would be bad enough, but Democrats may also wish to see their fellow Americans be abused by criminals in the hope that they can personally gain more power unto themselves and their leftist cabal of thugs. One can be encouraged with the idea of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s proposal to defund entire cities in his state if they have plans to defund the police.

Democrats have proposed other equally stupid and dangerous things before, like disbanding the military, thereby leaving the nation open to invasion, or at least leave us exposed to a military attack. As part of their green new deal proposals, Democrats have also proposed prohibiting all gasoline and diesel vehicles, thereby keeping food and other goods from being transported across the nation to areas remote from the farm fields where much of our produce is grown. Banning fossil fuels would interfere with the very act of food production and would shut down farm vehicles which are needed to produce the food we eat each day. And their proposals would even halt locally grown foods from being distributed on a local basis. One fears that if leftists take over our food production and distribution we may well be forced into a situation like Stalin’s starvation of the Ukraine, because Ukrainian citizens would not behave as he wanted them to and would not buckle under to his demands that they live under a Soviet-style rule. We’ve already seen the Obama administrations’ threat to citizens who didn’t buy the more expensive and largely useless Obamacare, the result of which was that no health insurance could be had at all, from any source, by those citizens who rejected this big-government plan to get people to behave as the government wants them to.

The greatest protection American citizens have against dictatorial rule is our constitution and its enumeration of the few things the federal government is allowed to do, with everything else being reserved to the individual citizens or the several states. All of the crap that Bernie Sanders, AOC and Joe Biden propose to implement in a future Biden administration are contrary to the constitutional provisions that keep Americans free and prosperous, and if the police forces are eliminated and all citizens are forced to provide for their own protection, we’ll be too close to a state of chaos to be comfortable, and the constitutional protect of our rights will be a thing of the distant past.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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