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How do lottery winners pick their numbers?

Most people say the winning numbers are random and not related to your choice or methods of choice. No matter how hard you worked while choosing, how much you thought before buying the ticket – it will always be the same random numbers. Nevertheless many people are choosing the dates of their birthdays or some important events in life, or just their favorite sequence of numbers. It does make the process of buying more amusing. Although there is probably no secret or trick in playing lotto, people who have won the jackpot for more than once shared that there are certain strategies that you can do to increase the chance of winning. 

Usually, if someone bought the ticket from a store and won, many people start buying their tickets at the same store. James Bozeman Jr. won twice with tickets purchased at the same 7-Eleven convenience store in Florida. But that’s not all of weird coincidence. He and his wife have won the lotteries a dozen times already. In total their winnings are over $13 million. It was a time when they won the lottery three times in one month. How do they pick their numbers? Just in a random order, which is new every time. Around the world there are many other examples of lottery luck to prove that people can win the lottery more than once.

Another lottery winner says the secret to winning isn’t in the store you bought the ticket, it’s in your mind. Cynthia Stafford was a single mother when she won the California Mega Millions lottery. Cynthia said she knew well she would win. She believes in the power of a conscious mind, that believing and visualizing yourself as a winner is a key. She visualized the exact number, the amount she would win – $112 million. The number 11 matches her birthday, and it is believed by numerologists that our lucky numbers are those connected to our birthdays. Many people who won in the lotteries say that they have chosen the numbers of their birthday, or someones who are important for them. You choose to believe it or not, but Cynthia’s faith has brought millions to her.

Although many scientists say that there is no evidence that one number is more common than others, wait till you hear the story of Jay Vargas. He was only 19 when he won $ 35 million in South Carolina Powerball. He is best known for his established girls wrestling show. He claims that he started hearing the numbers in his head and it wasn’t his own voice, or anyone else he would recognize. After saying this to his cousin, he decided to buy a lottery ticket with those numbers. Once he bought the ticket with those numbers, the voice in his head stopped. He found out he won $35 millions that evening. As he said, he wasn’t surprised at all, he already knew he would win. 

Others say at first you have to believe that you already won, or that it is all in the stars. If it still sounds silly for you, wait till you hear the Frane Selak story. According to reports, he has escaped death a total of 7 times in absurd scenarios that many will consider as their biggest nightmares. Why do we talk about him though? After all the near-death experiences in 2003, he won £600 000 from the local lottery after his 1st try. He said he just picked a random ticket in the store, because he felt something positive about it inside. He has had so much misfortune and fortune at the same time throughout his life, that a book wouldn’t be enough to tell everything. Since his win, there were no new reports about him hopefully never will.

Sometimes there is just some crazy coincidence, that it is hard to believe in. New York City policeman Robert Cunningham used to eat dinner in his favourite restaurant for the last several years. That one night he was just about to leave a tip for a waitress Phyllis Penzo, who had been working at the restaurant for 24 years. But instead he offered her to buy a lottery ticket and split whatever the lottery ticket might win them. She agreed. Each of them picked three numbers and bought a lottery ticket. And the rest is history – the two won $6 million together, and split the prize in halfs. 

Others don’t believe in such a coincidence and say it’s all up to the strategy. Richard Lusting has won seven times in the lottery in just two years. In total he has won  over $1 million. Years ago, Richard never imagined that he will be having what he has now. He says that winning a jackpot prize is not only based on luck. It is also about strategy. There are certain techniques that you need to master for you to hit the jackpot. So he wrote a book about that. To save your time, he described a few main points you need to look at, here four of them:

  •  Although all numbers have an equal chance to be drawn, there are always some of them, which are drawn more often than others. You need to find out that statistic.
  • Always pick numbers by yourself, do not let  the machines pick the number for you. The odds may not be in your favor.
  • Use your chosen numbers all the time. No matter if you lost several times playing with them, who knows, it may be rolled next time. 
  • Do not gamble in those lotteries, where jackpots are really big. Big jackpots mean lots of players, which is equal to small odds. 

So the conclusion is, you can use it to pick your numbers or you can choose whatever seems important to you – there is an unlimited amount of choices – just do whatever is more interesting to you.

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