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A Conceptual Artist Jason Innocent Attacks Our President and Flag

The Republican National Convention is behind us, and we all look forward to a vigorous campaign from here to November. As is our American way, the culture is abuzz with political fervor on all sides. In any election year, people would be making their preferences felt. This year, however, the stakes feel higher.

Those higher stakes are bringing out people on all sides, for better or worse.

We look out at our country, and things are dire. Governors shut down their economies, leading to dismal effects. Schools, which should be opening up and filled with smiling faces as the Autumn comes on, are closing. There is open violence in our streets, and many mayors are willing to do a thing about it.

When things do not look good during an election year, the election takes on an added weight. It becomes a more significant statement than a single candidate. It feels like we are asked to pick the future of our country.

Of course, I support everyone’s right to say whom they prefer for President. Nevertheless, the extreme left is turning to vandalize our President and flag’s images to state their preference—I guess it is something to do when you are tired of looting small businesses.

Jason Innocent, a graffiti artist (maybe I should write: graffiti “artist”), is generating controversy by attacking the President of our country with baseless claims and hateful slander typical of the extreme left vandal is no doubt a part of. To make matters worse, he has decided to use the American flag to write out his progressive agenda.

Jason Innocent

Innocent—an ironic name given that his work routinely goes against the laws of private property that made this the most prosperous nation in human history—has two works, in particular, that show just how far the left will go in trashing our country and its holy symbols. I want to bring your attention to these, so you can see just what the loony left thinks.

Attacking the President

The first is a work he did in 2016 that is making the rounds again. The work is simple—I guess anything is considered art these days by the Marxists in the art world. It shows a picture of the man who would beat Hillary Clinton to become the lawfully elected President of the United States.

Of course, the pictures Innocent selected are unflattering. However, this was not good enough. Over these images, the vandal Innocent scrawled “Ego Maniac.”

Now, I will be the first to say that President Trump has a bold and robust presence. I have always felt it was the kind of confidence that you can believe in, that you trust to lead the greatest country on earth. Not everyone agrees. I am sure some people see the kind of masculine confidence we used to celebrate and now think it is “sexist” somehow. People will think anything these days.

But egomaniac? That is not even an argument; it’s just an insult. This ad hominem is enough to make Innocent the toast of the internet left—not once, but twice now.

How is he going to top this work? By writing curse words? The childish rage we see in the left is right here, folks. The best stock market we have ever seen, peace, and China on the run. If that is what we get from an egomaniac, maybe we could use a little more of that in Washington, D.C.

Attacking the Flag

The next work I would like to bring to your attention cuts right to the heart of what it means to be an American: the flag.

When flag burning became the thing to do on college campuses through the 1960’s, liberals kept defending it as freedom of speech. They promised that it was essential to draw attention to the issue of the Vietnam War. I guess draft dodgers were mad about a war they did not dare to serve in. 

At the time, conservatives warned that this precious symbol of liberty and the hope of humanity everywhere should not be tarnished. Nevertheless, tarnish it they did. Conservatives could see that this would lead to a degrading of patriotism and civic pride, and soon, they warned, the flag would be mocked as casually as chewing gum.

Sixty years later, the conservatives have been proven right. Innocent, not content with vandalizing the property of business owners who provide services and employment to their community, had to go and vandalize the most potent symbol of freedom.

He has written extreme left phrases all over the beautiful flag: NO RACISM, NO SEXISM, NO ABLEISM, NO FATPHOBIA, NO AGEISM, NO TRANSPHOBIA, NO HOMOPHOBIA, NO HATEFULNESS. Our President hugs the flag. The left does this to it.

While no conservative would say yes to prejudice, what Innocent has done is accuse the entire nation of hatefulness. Further, any conservative knows that behind these phrases is a genuinely hateful ideology.

Our nation established the first real democracy and exported it around the world. Here, we have the right to desire the success of Christian values and the traditional family. If that makes us hateful, then so be it.

The anti-hateful left? They think vandals are artists, that the flag can be scribbled on for fun, and that the democratically elected President Donald J. Trump should be vilified. That is the other side of this election. Think about that.

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