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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Placement Year

When it comes to finding a job, every employer these days want someone experienced, as opposed to training a complete fresher in the ways of the industry. In the light of this demand, placement years are becoming increasingly popular. These are are year-long programs during which students before completing their final year of degree take a year out to work in industry. Working a placement year offers you real life work experience while you 美国留学 and this will go a long way in helping your career in future.

1. Real Field Experience

You get a whole year of real field experience of working right in the industry during your placement year. As opposed to an internship, since a placement year is a much longer commitment, you will be acquiring the experience of working a full time job, be entrusted with responsibilities and learn a lot about working, its nuances and challenges, which no books will ever be able to teach.

2. Building Professional Connections

As you work out there in a job in your field of studies, you also build yourself important, often life-changing professional connections, which can be of immense help when you are out of school. You also get a rare opportunity to build yourself a professional outlook and reputation, even before you are officially in the field! When you graduate, you can bank on these to accelerate your career.

3. Better Job Opportunities

The experience and contacts you will build over the year of placement will go a long way in improving your chances of getting better job opportunities once you graduate. In this market where employment rates are hitting low, a prior work experience gives you an edge over the other freshers. Candidates with placement year are preferred by companies since they have to spend less time and money on training.

4. Easy Transition To Work

You have a chance to take all your knowledge, and what you have learned in theory, in a classroom, and to test out in the real world, with all its complexities. You learn to navigate the unexpected challenges of the field, and thus, when you get down to working a job after you graduate, the chances of being overwhelmed and thus, making mistakes will be less since you are already trained to handle such scenarios.

5. Improved Academic Prospects

With your work experience in the industry, you gain a real life insight into your subject, and learn to understand and handle situations better. Moreover, if you are placed in a different city, your experience is less isolated and localized. You can use your insight and experience to do better in your academics. It will improve your final year work, projects, and grades as well.

6. Early Financial Stability

Last, but not the least, you will get paid, for your work during your placement year. Not only do you start earning, you can also save up money you graduate. Moreover, your earnings can go towards paying back any student loans, and saving money in the long term as, the sooner you are done with loans, the less interest you pay.

With the global economy mayhem, a placement year might be your ticket to securing a well paying job right out of university.

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