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Why you should leave negotiating with insurers to an attorney

Leave Settlements and Lawsuits to An Accident Attorney

When you are in an accident due to any person’s negligence, there are definitive steps to take.

  • First, get medical attention
  • Second, take pictures of the accident site. When you cannot get photographs appoint a family member, friend, or witness to get photos for you.
  • When stable, call your seasoned accident attorney or appoint your advocate to make the call as soon as possible. 
  • Rest, relax, release all your financial stress to your attorney.

If you failed to call your accident attorney and thought you should have, it is never too late. Make this call as soon as possible. The critical thing to remember is not speaking with any insurance company, let your attorney take care of this for you. Never fight an insurance company alone.

You face losing everything if you do not get financial help after your accident. It makes no difference what kind of accident you are involved in when another person’s negligence has seriously injured you. You have mounting medical bills that you cannot begin to pay. You have lost your income because the doctors say you cannot work, at least not yet. The future is still uncertain if you will ever return to your current job or be working again and the doctors can give you no answers. 

Meanwhile, your circumstances keep throwing you into deeper debt. Essential bills go unpaid, and the worst thing is that this accident was not due to anything you did wrong. You were right on all accounts, tried to avoid the accident, and took the full hit. If only that other driver had been paying attention to the road instead of his cell phone. You may lose your home and car because you do not have any income.

Insurance companies are trying to talk with you, but you are in no condition to barter with anyone. You have a big job ahead of you that gives you no rest or time to heal. Never fight any insurance companies alone because your chances of winning are low. If you are fortunate enough to win your case, chances are your settlement will not be substantial to take care of you financially. 

You Need the Services of an Accident Attorney

There are vital things that you never admit to any insurance company. You need an accident attorney’s services. Never fight an insurance company alone

  • Never admit fault in an accident
  • Never apologize to any insurance agent
  • Refuse to have any communication with insurance adjusters
  • Never talk about what you think happened to cause the accident
  • Never release any medical information about yourself
  • Never make any recorded statements
  • Never accept the first offer by any insurance company. 

Contact An Accident Attorney.

Never be mistaken that any insurance company is on your side, even your insurance company is not fighting for you. No insurance company plans to pay you any more money than they must. Allow a seasoned and skilled accident attorney to fight this battle for you. Your biggest job is setting your sights on the healing process, intending to get your life back on track. There is no reason for you to fight this battle alone. An accident attorney removes all of your financial cares and works tirelessly to get you the compensation you need to pay for essential debts, mounting medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, possibly permanent disability, and rehabilitation. 

An accident caused by a person’s negligence is complex, complicated, time-consuming, and requires intensive investigation. Your attorney does all of these things and more. Your attorney has the resources to follow through with an more then sufficient settlement. Never fight an insurance company alone.

How Does My Attorney Fight for Me

Your accident attorney has the formula to calculate your possible compensation. The question is, how does anyone compensate you for your pain and suffering? When an insurance company does give you a settlement amount, it may sound incredible, but your attorney knows that the first compensation offer is the lowest. Your attorney knows that the insurance company can and will do better. 

It is not simple in determining how much personal suffering is worth it. A skilled attorney can help you understand the actual value of your time spent in pain, suffering, and recovering from your injury. In most cases, the majority of professional negotiations, the insurer’s first offer is not the best they can do. Even if you think that their request is reasonable, you need to negotiate better terms.

Your attorney is skilled at navigating the judicial system in a car accident and all other accidents caused by another person’s negligence. There are no worries if you do not settle out of court with the insurance company. A skilled attorney will file a lawsuit on your behalf. Companies use tactics to make you nervous but not the attorney caring for your financial needs. Companies try to delay or refuse to give you the settlement you ask. Your attorney may decide if it is time to file an official lawsuit. Never fight an insurance company alone.

Insurance companies intentionally put roadblocks in front of your claims to make you accept the lowest offer or frustrate you enough to give up on your claim. Some companies may start monitoring every action outside the home. These are yet more reasons why you need to hire an attorney. 

Give this seasoned, skilled, and highly experienced accident attorney a call as soon as possible when you sustain injuries by a negligent person (s) or company. Never fight an insurance company alone.

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