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Things to Consider While Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

You can find hundreds of people across different countries of the world who want to move abroad and become a part of a new culture of an exotic land. While the idea of shifting your base is very exciting, it entails a lot of planning and careful legal guidance of the experienced lawyers. The red tapes and the legalities vary from one country to the next, and it is impossible for anyone coming from a different country to know about the immigration law of Canada, like the professionalsRonen Kurzfeld do.

So, before endorsing your plans any further, you should try to hire a specialist who will help you to deal with the complex immigration issues when and if it takes place.

Immigration law in Canada is complicated and gets regularly updated and that’s why you need to make sure that the lawyer you hire practices in this section of law specifically. The lawyers who have specializations in other fields might not know the nitty-gritty of the immigration laws.

To make sure that you are choosing the right person for the job, you should keep the following considerations in your mind.

Legal Fees

Immigration is a time consuming and frustratingly lengthy process. That means you have to churn out a considerable amount of money to offer your lawyers as their fees.

That’s why you should think about the fees of the lawyers well before hiring them. The best way to keep things in balance is to create a budget before taking a single step.

Most of the law firms of Canada, like Ronen Kurzfeld Mississauga, offer different types of the pricing structure. Some of them charge by the hour, while others go for a flat rate of services. Some of the other firms offer both of the fee structure so that the client can choose the one that suits them perfectly.

Before hiring any lawyer, you should try to understand their fee structures perfectly. Ask the firm about the services that the fee structure will cover. As the immigration process has its fees, you should calculate the fees of the lawyers along with it to reach your budget.

In most cases in Toronto and regions around GTA, many lawyers also have a small consultation or appointment fee which is then adjusted if you sign up with the lawyer. There is no set fee or standard benchmark then lawyers charge as it varies from application to application and also on the lawyer’s personal discretion. Make sure to scout around before setting down on one lawyer.

Expected Time Frame for Immigration Application

Being the potential client of any immigration lawyer in Toronto and Mississauga, you have every right to ask them about the time frame of the application. A well-reputed immigration attorney will always offer you a time frame within which your application will get deposited to the appropriate authorities.

Make sure that your lawyer does not wait for months on an end to file your application. Most of the immigration-related advantages are time-sensitive. So, if your lawyer is not professional about the time frame, you can face a lot of difficulty in the future. Immigration matters are very time centric hence it is important to keep track of your application in a timely manner

Client Contact

There’s no doubt that your lawyer is busy with thousands of different other cases. That does not mean they should not get in touch with you regularly.

Most of the professional legal firms are very poor at getting in touch with their clients. This creates huge problems for the clients as well as their families.

The immigration process, as well as the citizenship applications, has a huge impact on the lives of you and your family. So, you have every right to ask the lawyer about the status of the immigration application and ask questions to understand the matter better.

Make sure to hire professionals from a legal firm like Ronen Kurzfeld Mississauga, which makes it their motto to listen to the clients. If your attorney does not offer you case updates or explain the necessary news about the application, this might be the best time for you to find another lawyer.

Consider Familiarity

Most people think that all the immigration lawyers know everything about theimmigration laws of Canada. This idea is not true. The immigration law of Canada is a vast sphere, and most of the experienced lawyers focus on a particular area of the problem.

So, before hiring the attorney for your case, you should try to ask them whether they have the experience of handling other cases like yours beforehand. It is better to hire lawyers who have the experience of handling similar cases.

Lastly, while deciding about the professionals of Ronen Kurzfeld Mississauga, make sure that you trust them. As you will be sharing personal information as well as classified information about yourself and your family, you have to make sure that you are comfortable with your lawyer and trust him/her beyond any doubt.

Coming Canada

Thousands of students and young professionals aspire to come to Canada and make a career here. So many qualified professionals also apply for work permits so that they can work in some of the top companies in the world. Families immigrate here for a better life for the generations to come. At a given stage, all 3 scenarios need to deal with immigration lawyers.

Hence it becomes vital to keep all your information intact and hire a lawyer who can get your application processed quickly. You can always visit any immigration lawyer’s website to ensure they deal with the services you are looking for. Immigration lawyers in Mississauga and Toronto are always there to help you!!

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