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The Elephant in the Room at the DNC Convention, that Should Make Us All Angry

The Democrats have just wrapped up their four-day convention, and there was an abundance of sterile screenshots of the wealthy elite celebrities jawing about income equality and the standard victim identity chorus line of virtue signaling whiners. Bill Maher called watching the DNC Convention, “like watching a telethon at 2 in the morning.”

Then there were the sanctimonious politicians pontificating about Orange Man Bad, and if re-elected, he will end our democracy as we know it. The elephant in the room remained deafening silent. There was not one word of recognition or condemnation for the destabilizing civil – unrest in America streets, revolting hate crimes and explosive violence playing out live on television and cell phone screens across mostly Democrat-run cities over the last three months. Why did Democrats not disavow these protesters, or should we say this rioter violence? The Democrats were even too embarrassed to remind their voters about their silly, but dangerous plan to defund the police – which enables the violence.

Instead, speaker after speaker tacitly or frankly endorsed those movements, directly accountable for the funding, organizing and committing the chaos and mayhem. Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley called for “unrest in the streets” to defeat President Trump. “There needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s ­unrest in our lives,” she told MSNBC. VP nominee Harris acceptance speech characterized the brutal aggression as “a time Americans are taking it to the streets” And Former President Obama compared the uprisings as exercising democracy and demanded, “Do not let them take away your power!” Then the more subtle endorsements like this:

One would think that Democrats are in denial. The reality is, Democrats know very well what is happening all across America – it is nefarious, not an oversight. Look, the current Black Lives Matter riot death count is around 17, not to even count the 100s of cases of violent assaults. One merely needs to dig just a bit below the mainstream media, and one can see this daily. One could go back for months, even years, and see that political violence has reached a crisis level. Instead, the truth is being censored and those that do report the truth get doxxed. Here is just a few that have occurred in just the past week.

Imagine living in a peaceful neighborhood, having roaming gangs calling you a motherf*cker, and get out of your house. This type of behavior is what the Democrats call the future of America brought by our inspiring youth.

Recently outside of the DNC convention, Joe Biden supporters attacked a 7-year-old boy. Who does this? The little boy Riley was viciously and repeatedly attacked simply because he wore a @realDonaldTrump hat. Then he watched as the attackers physically punched adults who engaged to obtain his property back.

Police responded to a 911 call from someone who reported that protesters “chased a white Ford” 4×4 truck, which then crashed in the downtown Portland area, according to a department press release. A caller told police an estimated nine to 10 people began “beating the guy,” the caller stated. Investigators learned that the victim might have been trying to help a transgender female who had some of her things stolen in the area. Then this happened:

Marquise Lee Love, after public outcry, decided to turn himself in, knowing that the extensive manhunt would eventually find him. Haner, the victim, was transported to a hospital while still unconscious. He is now recovering at home.

A slew of Fox News anchors praised former Vice President Joe Biden for his Democratic National Convention speech and extolled the Democratic performance positively at the convention. But America has painfully been experiencing the worst riots since the 1960s. Much of this violence is directed at a certain political party, a race, and a class of people – the middle class. Where was the push back of the mainstream media? Vast swaths of the electorate have been told that they are racists, privileged, and are so evil that violence toward them is warranted. What is the definition of a group of people using violence to achieve a political goal? Hmmm …

And yet the Democrats at the DNC Convention said nothing – the elephant in the room. Democrats speak of healing the country’s divisions – divisions created by themselves. But, there can be no healing until the Democratic party disavows this violence. The narcissism of the Democratic ilk should make you angry. Angry that these people are trying to destroy the very essence of our Republic.

But, direct your anger appropriately. How? VOTE this November, and ensure these people never get close to power.

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  1. but we are allowing it
    We allow the lies
    We allow the violence
    We allow the propaganda
    We keep re-electing though that do NOT represent us
    we keep getting taxes raised
    we keep being told we are stupid, lazy, racist
    We allow it all-Since we allow it-it WILL persist!

  2. @dawn Lynge

    APATHY is the reason this continues because apathy gives “tacit approval” to what is occurring is acceptable!!

    I am curious to find out just how many politicians would be willing to place the same caveats as they have on the citizens . How many of them have armed guards and live behind walls or in gated communities protecting them while they want to shred our Second Amendment or any other amendment e.g. file a form and wait several days so one can exercise their first Amendment right to exercise free speech – file a form and wait several days to exercise their third amendment rights protecting us from unreasonable search and seizure. Or the ninth amendment that states that there are other rights that may exist aside from the ones explicitly mentioned, in the Bill of Rights even though they are not listed. Meaning they can be violated. The proverbial political foot is in the door, and APATHY from the American people is allowing the door to usurpation to be thrown WIDE open as if it wasn’t there.

  3. Every bit of this catastrophe occurring now in the USA can be blamed on the “ Critical Theory “ Marxist colleges and Universities . The Marxists have taken control of our schools and now are working eagerly at the high schools and junior high schools. Give me your children to educate and in one generation I will control your country and culture without firing a shot. If you don’t know what the Critical Theory Marxist stategy is you will never understand what is happening here. They are winning. It might already be over. Your children and grandchildren are going to pay a terrible price for your ignorance of this strategy.

  4. Not “we” — maybe “they” but that’s not the same thing as we. Don’t accept blame for it if you are not part of the ones with their heads in the sand and their eyes closed tight.

  5. P.S. Until/unless we get gov out of schools, we desperately need cons/trads in the classrooms teaching. I was there; my husband still is; we’re greatly outnumbered and need reinforcements.

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