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‘Walking On Eggshells’: 62% Of Americans Are Afraid To Express Political Views, Survey Finds

Self-censorship is on the rise according to a new Cato Institute survey that reports nearly two-thirds of Americans are afraid to share their political views.

A new CATO Institute/YouGov national survey found 62% of Americans say the political climate today prevents them from saying what they believe. This is up several points from 2017 when 58% of Americans said they were afraid to share their political beliefs.

“31% of liberals, 30% of moderates and 34% of conservatives are worried their political views could get them fired or harm their career trajectory,” the CATO survey stated.

A recent poll conducted by Politico found that a plurality of Americans believe cancel culture has gone too far.

“There have been shifts across the board, where more people among all political groups feel they are walking on eggshells,” the CATO survey found, adding, “majorities of Democrats (52%), independents (59%) and Republicans (77%) who all agree they have political opinions they are afraid to share.­­”

“Strong liberals stand out, however, as the only political group who feel they can express themselves. Nearly 6 in 10 (58%) of staunch liberals feel they can say what they believe,” the CATO survey found.

A majority of centrist liberals, who in 2017 said they could express their views freely, now say they have to self-censor.

According to the CATO survey, self-censorship spans all ethnicities, with 65% of Latino Americans, 64% of white Americans, and 49% of African Americans saying they have political views they are afraid to share.

“This large number from across demographic groups suggests withheld opinions may not simply be radical or fringe perspectives in the process of being socially marginalized. Instead many of these opinions may be shared by a large number of people,” the CATO study concluded.

Both surveys, CATO and Politico, suggest that those who engage and support cancel culture are a vocal minority of Americans, not the majority.

“While online shaming may seem like a major preoccupation for the public if you spend a lot of time on Twitter, only 40% of voters say they have participated in cancel culture and only one in 10 say they participate ‘often,’” the Politico poll found.

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  1. One of the first things you learn … keep your political and religious views to yourself!

  2. If Biden is elected, the Left will be taking over, and anybody who speaks the truth about ANTIFA, BLM Terrorists, or Corrupt Demo-Rats, will be charged with a Hate Crime!

    Do Not Vote For Biden, unless you want to lose your Right to Free Speech!

    Simply put we no longer have freedom of expression or freedom if speech or even of practicing spirituality unless you are of the “Left” or the “New Woke”…
    The rest of us have lost..
    What happens to you if you have a trump sticker on your car???
    What happens to you if you have a Trump facemask???
    What happens to you if you go to church?
    Can you go into Portland or NYC wearing Red, white and blue?
    Can you kids state the Pledge of Allegiance?
    What is happening to our national Anthem?
    Better yet, do we have an “ALL WHITE COLLEGE? (they do) Do we have an “A:: WHITE TV Channel or awards shows (THEY DO! All Black awards and TV channel)
    What happens if you say ALL LIVES MATTER, but you CAN say BLM…now why is that????

    Self-censorship is on the rise according to a new Cato Institute survey that reports nearly tw…

  4. SILENCE KILLS !!!! It is far more deadly than COVID and can take down a nation…..

    Nero fiddled while Rome burned…..Let’s not ‘fiddle’ around & let others desstroy what so many have died to make for us…..freedom

    FREEDOM give you a voice to use….’use it or lose it’

  5. @ Jan Brown Referencing Wiley’s Dictionary Silence is the logical conclusion to politically correct speech.

    Look at LIEberal Demoshits war on Americanism where they HATE our constitution especially the first two amendments!!!

    Political Correctness is the art of employing euphemisms, lies, emotionalism, and fear mongering to dupe people into accepting or even demanding their own enslavement!!!

  6. @ Dawn C: There isn’t a force in America that will silence me!!!!

    I am not here to wake those who want to stay asleep I am here to wake those who don’t know that they’re asleep!!! Nor am I here to quarrel or make friends. If I manage to make a friend or two that I see as a fabulous bonus, one that is cherished!

    I have been put on this earth and given a fair amount of longevity and experience to express the truth not to impress others. I am here because I love America, my adopted country which has provided me the opportunity for me to preserve and make sure that my family (every family) is safe and secure, that which was unobtainable in my native Germany.

    I am also here to defend this nation against political factions who are hell bent on her destruction domestic terrorists if you will who have been betrayed by and receive their marching orders from abroad!
    So I never worry about those who might be offended with my speaking the truth. However I am concerned about those who are misled, deceived, or destroyed if I don’t!!

    I know I OFFEND some people who FEAR reality and Truth so to everyone reading this if you agree with me raise your glass in a toast If you are offended and cannot take me at 200 proof then raise your standards for I change for no one!!!

  7. @ Glenda Hammer!! If Demoshits manage to STEAL (the only way Biden who is supported by Uncle Bernie) this upcoming election in order to envision that occurrence imagine a boot stomping on a human face FOREVER!!!

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