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Success on social media with Jack Zuckowsky, Social Summit CEO

Viral success used to be one-in-a-million. Before Instagram’s “For You” page became an easy way to market popular content, and long before TikTok fame existed, the idea of having a sizable online audience was entirely foreign to most social media users. When social media platforms began to grow, however, the potential to market personal accounts did too. That’s what Social Summit CEO Jack Zuckowsky realized when he saw how popular Facebook and Instagram were becoming for individual accounts.

Instead of treating social media as a convenient way to stay in the loop with old friends and distant family members, those platforms could be the cause for a brand new type of marketing: one that relied on people, not products. With 7 years of experience in social media marketing, Zuckowsky has a clear understanding of what it takes to grow an audience and keep it.

Social Summit helps its clients target their niche and find engaged followers within it. The growth campaigns at Social Summit establish organic growth and engagement to create stronger online communities.

With Social Summit, users can reach thousands of new followers in their first few weeks with the service by gaining an engaged, active audience. By interacting with their followers, users encourage reciprocal engagement. A following becomes a relationship instead of simply looking at content and scrolling past it.

Zuckowsky wants to continue growing Social Summit, bringing its ideas and success to new users across platforms. While Instagram and TikTok, where Social Summit has brought its clients over 20 million new followers, have been instrumental in the company’s growth, there are plenty of new sites and platforms for Zuckowsky to find success on. After all, committing to his goals and chasing his vision is what gave Zuckowsky the hard-working mentality that made Social Summit one of the top social media marketing agencies for Instagram and TikTok users today.

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