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Oregon’s Liberal AG Demands Restraining Order Against Federal Law Enforcement in Portland


Lawyers representing Oregon asked a federal judge Wednesday to issue a restraining order against federal agents who had been sent into Portland to quell violent protests.

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum accused federal agents of arresting protesters without probable cause in the lawsuit filed Friday, according to The Associated Press. The lawyers representing Oregon relied on videos posted on social media, which they say show people being detained and taken by unidentified agents, Oregon Live reported.

“That is terrifying. It’s terrifying for the people who are being marched into an unknown van by large, unknown men. And it’s going to terrify who witnesses it and everyone who hears about it,” said Sheila H. Potter, chief deputy trial counsel in Rosenblum’s office, during her argument, according to Oregon Live.

She added: “It was designed to terrify to quell protests.”

Potter referenced a video, which allegedly shows a man being randomly arrested by federal agents wearing army fatigues and thrown into an unmarked van, Oregon Live reported. She also cited the case of Michael Pettibone who alleged that he was similarly whisked away in a van by agents.

“Authoritarian governments, not democratic republics, send unmarked authorities after protesters,” tweeted Democratic Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley last Thursday. “These Trump/Barr tactics designed to eliminate any accountability are absolutely unacceptable in America, and must end.”

David Morrell, an attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice, said the motion Wednesday was weak and based on “a few threadbare declarations” from witnesses, according to the AP. He continued saying the protests were “dangerous and volatile.”

Oregon’s lawyers said the federal government had the right to defend Portland’s Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse, which has been the scene of protests for weeks, but said the agents who were sent had overstepped, according to the AP.

The court case comes as protests continue in Portland and other parts of the country in response to the death of George Floyd who died in police custody on May 25 after a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck, video shows. Protests in Portland turned violent over the weekend.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump ordered 200 federal agents sent to Chicago to assist police responding to unrest, he announced Wednesday.

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  1. Glenda Hammer says:

    Has anybody noticed these Riots, Looting, and Burning of Buildings, especially Federal Buildings, are happening in Demon-Rat States and Cities?

    That’s because Republican Governors and Mayors will call in the National Guard, and put a stop to this before Rioters, Looters, and Burners of Buildings can do their damage!

    This why we need to send ALL Nancy Pig-losi Demon-Rats home, in November, it’s the only way to save America!

  2. Joe says:

    The Israeli Police use a formulation known as “ Skunk Water” . This harmless, food grade additive is added to water cannons . It adheres to clothing and skin and absolutely stinks… putrid …. decomposing animal stench with a hint of feces. The chubby hipsters will return home to mommy’s basement with an “ odor on “ . Mommy will know where they had been, naughty naughty, rioting and burning the city . Purple hair will have to be cut short and disposed of, sissy man buns likewise. Really cool black demo garb will have to be bagged tightly and disposed of along with matching black boots, black helmets, googles , gloves etc etc. …. all in all an expensive and odorous day for the “ riot theater “ thespians. Feds should break out the “Skunk Water” and have at them, especially the politicians attempting to pander to the terrorists, although the mayors and governors of these states already have a heavy nauseating odor about them.

  3. Steve T. says:

    Federal Law Enforcement officers are in Portland to protect Federal Property from Arsonist, looters, Socialists, Marxists, Anarchists and BLM / Anti-FA Rioters. Something the Local and State Law Enforcement officers have been ORDERED not to do.

    If the AG wants to remove the Federal Law Enforcement officers from FEDERAL PROPERTY, then the AG, the mayor, and State Governor need to start controlling their Political Parties Arsonists, Looters, Socialists, Marxists, Anarchists and BLM / Anti-FA Rioters. After 50+ days of promoted craziness, it is kinda obvious the Socialists-Democrats hope to keep this alive until the Nov elections.

    The AG will likely seek the 9th US Dist Court for a liberal appeasing outcome.
    Which will be appealed and the 9th will YET AGAIN be over turned.

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