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New York Times Teases Podcast Blaming ‘Nice White Parents’ For Flawed Education System

The New York Times will release a five-part podcast series July 30 titled “Nice White Parents,” which will investigate the impact white parents have on America’s “failing” public schools.

“We know that American public schools do not guarantee each child an equal education — two decades of school reform initiatives have not changed that. But when we look at how our schools are failing, we usually focus on who they’re failing: Black and brown kids. We ask: Why aren’t they performing better? Why aren’t they achieving more?” the statement asks.

Those are the wrong questions , according to the release, which continues, “If you want to understand what’s wrong with our public education system, you have to look at what is arguably the most powerful force in our schools: White parents.”

Hosted by Chana Joffe-Walt, “Nice White Parents” will explore, “the 60-year relationship between White parents and the public school down the block,” according to the statement.

Included in the statement is a short teaser episode where Joffe-Walt talks about the beginning of racial integration in 1963. White parents in New York City lobbied their government to build a new school in their neighborhood, Joffe-Walt explained, but when the school was finally finished, not one of their children attended.

Joffe-Walt interviewed several of those white parents, asking them why they didn’t send their kids to the school they lobbied so hard for.

“I don’t want to sacrifice my child to it,” said one mother.

“I think that we say a lot of things that are politically correct, without even realizing that we are not telling exactly how we feel, ” said another mother.

“For years, I’ve been looking for an answer for the question ‘Why don’t public schools work better? What is getting in the way of giving each child an equal opportunity, an equal education,” Joffe-Walt said.

“But now, I think I’ve been looking in the wrong places for what’s broken in our schools,” Joffe-Walt adds, “I think you can’t understand what’s broken if you don’t look here, at one of the most powerful forces shaping public education: White parents.”

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  1. The thing is black and brown kids who are from abroad and have come to the US legally do better than white kids on average and we all know east Asians and Chinese and Japanese kids do far better than white children. So where is the racism again? The failure is at home with the, often, single mothers who are quite happy to sit on benefits for the rest of their lives just because the color of their skin gives them a by and expect their kids to be able to do that as well. Blame the single mothers because it is usually them that drive the fathers out ….. to get more benefits ostensibly for the kids but in reality for themselves.

  2. Teachers Unions are to blame.Now they want to hold our children Hostage to their demands for Socialism. What do we do to people holding our children Hostage?? I know what I do.

  3. Schools from kindergarten to grad school have been intentionally dumbed down for generations to facilitate Forced Integration, Diversity, Acceptance and Inclusion to appease the lowest minimal criteria in the classrooms all across America at the expense of white students. This has resulted in the fundamental failure of the entire US education system to the extent that today most US companies and manufactures can not find the applicants to meet even minimal qualifications to perform most jobs; resulting in the hiring of many foreign people who can qualify. This has become the accepted norm in America-a third rate education based on the low IQ of nonwhites.

  4. Communist Indoctrination in the Schools, Riots in the streets. Americans have been shouting to Washington for decades to get rid f the Dept of Education, a tool of the Democrat Communists. They are not teaching our children they are turning them into dumbed down Terrorists. When Trump tied to dissolve the Dept of Education, Communist Pelosi passed a bill stopping it. The only voice from the House is Pelosi’s! She and the Democrats think and act as if they were the Government…for the Communists.m
    Ehere is nothing being doen to route the Communists from our School Systems and Universities and Colleges where they suppress Rights deny truth and teach and preach Communism!!!

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