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Midwestern GOP Governors Announce Mask Mandates

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb and Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine both issued statewide mask mandates Wednesday in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus throughout their states.

The mandates from Holcomb and DeWine, both Republicans, were announced on Twitter Wednesday.

The Indiana mandate will go into effect Monday, and will apply to everybody over eight years old. Face coverings will be required when out in public, with an exception for those engaging in “strenuous physical activity,” according to Holcomb’s announcement.

“The state will approach enforcement of the face covering requirement with an emphasis on education. A penalty can be levied under the authority of state law. Local governments may impose more restrictive guidelines,” Holcomb tweeted.

DeWine’s mask mandate is set to take effect Thursday. His order in Ohio mirrors that in Indiana, requiring masks when inside public spaces, outside in crowded areas and when riding public transportation, according to his statement.

“Wearing masks will make a difference. It will determine what our fall looks like,” DeWine tweeted.

In Indiana, the number of coronavirus cases is approaching 60,000 as the state has reporting daily records in recent days. Ohio also reported daily highs recently, and has had over 1,000 positive tests every day since July 7, according to Johns Hopkins.

The mandates in Indiana and Ohio follow similar requirements in states around the country. Both Democratic and Republican governors have recently mandated masks in an effort to get the climbing case count under control.

Republican governors in Texas, Alabama, Arkansas issued mandates last week. The announcements in Indiana and Ohio mean that 31 states plus the District of Columbia have mandates in effect as of Thursday, according to an Axios tally.

Some Republicans, however, have been refused to follow suit. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed an executive order Monday barring cities in Georgia from enforcing municipal mask mandates, and President Donald Trump has said repeatedly that he does not support a national mask mandate, despite recent comments encouraging Americans to wear masks as much as possible.

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  1. OK, so you have ‘the’ right not to wear a mask….the elected officials have a sworn duty to protect you…even from yourself….(pardon the pun) and that duty trumps your right. This is or can be a short term mandate…that depends on you, the public and your common sense. IF compliance is observed, a drop in cases should happen…..then you can breathe easier.
    For generations we have been taught to ‘cover your mouth’ when you cough or sneeze in your sleeve…the reasoning is the same. It’s NOT MACHO to spread germs of any origin!!! It takes a big person to try to stop sickness and death.’
    Aside for the false & failed attenpt to spread how harmful masks are, there is no proof if they do or don’t help….what is true is that they do NO harm….& just might save someones Grandmother’s life.
    Our military have endured blistering heat and freezing rains and BLOOD defending our nation, (YOU) and I’m qute certain it was damn mire inconvient and uncomfortable than wearing a mask for shor periods.

  2. Why masks now and not four months ago when people were falling over dead from the Virus? Why now when death numbers are low, and the rising cases mostly come from all the testing that’s being done. Anyone can be tested if they think they might have been near someone who might have be near somebody who might have been positive for the Virus. Why now? Because it failed to take President Trump out the first time. And they’re trying again. Conspiracy theory: Are people who are covid 19 positive going out and mingling with others hoping to spread it around in order to bring us to our knees a second time? How did the experts know there would be a second time and when it would happen?

  3. What is inspiring is that many Sheriff’s in various of these “mask mandate” states are refusing to charge anyone not wearing a mask because it is UNconstitutional to mandate wearing masks….these governors (mayors, etc.) are certainly well within their purview to recommend wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing, etc. but they have NO right to demand it or else.

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