James Marchese Points out that COVID-19 Deaths Aren’t Rising in Spite of Fact Protesters & State Re-Opening

Despite the rise in COVID-19, long-time business owner James Marchese has noticed that the death rate of patients has significantly decreased even with states reopening and the high number of protestors.  In fact, many states like New Jersey are now using numbers from March to make it appear as if there is an increase in death numbers. This is done by taking the current data of say 5 deaths and then adding numbers from March to include patients that were missed. 

Given the fact that James Marchese has a long history working in the financial services industry and running a successful small business, it’s not surprising that he has a lot to say about the economic impact of the COVID-19 lockdowns on small business owners. Marchese recently took to social media to highlight the hypocrisy of allowing large groups of protestors to assemble in public places while keeping “non-essential businesses” on a tight leash.  

“The ‘danger pretense’ concerning opening all restaurants and businesses is completely lost as worldwide millions riot”, Marchese recently noted on Twitter. He went on to note that there has been minimal change in COVID-19 deaths as people continue to gather in large groups to protest the killing of George Floyd at the hand of a Minneapolis police officer. James Marchese certainly has a point, as recent statistics show that protests have taken place in more than four hundred cities in all fifty states of the country. Additionally, large groups of protestors have come out in every single inhabited continent as people hit the streets to show their solidarity against police brutality. 

Yet, as James reports, we see no huge increase in the death rate in any city that has seen large protests. 100% of the population needs access to a store for food and other items. Despite grocery stores, liquor stores, and other essential businesses experiencing packed locations due to limited hours, the spread has been very minimal in comparison with the death rate plummeting. In dense metropolitan centers such as New York City, it makes sense why there would be a fear of hospitals being overwhelmed and the death rate rising, but most places in the United States are not like this. 

 “If you believe Fauci, there should be a huge spike in COVID-19 deaths, hospitalization, and the need for respirators. And while cases are going up in younger patients there doesn’t appear to be the same significant threat to the population by the figure. Coronavirus was a big fraud,” James asserts, as he calls for the firing of Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci. While calling coronavirus a fraud on death rate is sure to generate a massive amount of controversy, the first part of the statement is easy enough to believe. Mainstream media outlets blasted protestors in early May calling for the reopening of the economy, stating that gathering in large groups was dangerous to the public health. Oddly enough, gathering in large groups to protest police brutality seems to be perfectly fine and totally safe in the media’s eyes as long as the protests are in line with politically correct talking points.

James Marchese has never been one to mince his words. He has repeatedly taken to social media to declare support for small business owners and his dismay at the looting and destruction taking place throughout the United States. It is also quite clear that the government is in a way picking winners and losers in this economic battle as there is no science behind deciding liquor stores are essential while closing the gyms. As Marchese points out, these large groups of protests should be perfect Petri dishes for the spread of the novel coronavirus; however, the dreaded second COVID-19 death wave is not materializing as predicted. It’s a thought worth keeping in mind should the government decide to once again clamp down on economic activities in the name of “protecting the public”. 

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