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Gorgeous Nails Shapes for Your Stylish and Fancy Nails

Well-cared hands are the true sign of a real lady. You may not be sporting the ultra-modern nail polish and pattern on your nails, but neat manicure is always a must. This is the rule that all the women around the globe know and try to keep up with. However, at the same time, more and more ladies pay great attention to the popular nail shapes and styles, and that is what we are going to discuss in detail today.

While NailDesignsJournal is filled with the best fancy nails designs to replicate, we know that not all ladies are aware of the fact which nail shape is the one to opt for at the moment. It is hard to say that 2020 manicure fashion is entirely different from that of past decades. There are no new forms to distinguish from the rest, all you need is to learn how to find the best shape for your fingers.

Many nail artists around the world claim that short square nails are the most inconvenient form there is. However, we say that it is a matter of preferences as to whether or not you should easily dismiss the shape. What we do know, if that you should look at the form of your cuticle to determine which shape would be the best for you. For instance, an oval cuticle speaks for itself – anything that even remotely reminds oval can be added to the list.

At the same time, if you fear that your fingers may look a little chubby with a certain nail shape, we rush to assure you that almond nails, stilettos, and even ballerina nails will eliminate that vaguest trail of such a concern.

Popular Nail Shapes of 2020

Now, when you know that cuticle can predict the nail shape to opt for and chubby fingers can be easily elongated, it is time to discuss all known and trending nail shapes you can choose from!

Round nails – if you are willing to keep your nail shape the closest to the natural form, then the round shape is for you. It is short and practical, and there is no shortage of ideas to pull off with the shape.

Square nails – another simple to look after short nail shape is the square one. The minor disadvantage of the shape is that it chips quite easily.

Rounded square nails – this is the perfect combo of the two mentioned above shapes. It is extremely stylish and required short nails form at the moment.

Oval nails – while neither too short nor too long is your cup of tea, something in-between comes in more than useful. Oval nail shape is the best proof to the point. The form is simple and elegant, not extremely long, not too short, just perfect.

Squoval nails – slightly extended variation of rounded square nails for those who desire to achieve an exquisite look without going over the edge with the length.

Ballerina nails – if you would like to introduce an edgy vibe into the style and longer nails are what you prefer, the shape will suit you flawlessly. The name of the name explains the form of the nail well since it looks like a tender ballerina slipper.

Almond nails – some say that almond nails are that perfect middle between oval and stiletto nails. It is neither too sharp and edgy, not too classy and straightforward. Besides, the room the shape offers for the experimentation is more than enough.

Stiletto nails – if ballerina nails are the daring variation of square nails, stiletto nails are the closest to almond nails. However, the length and sharp pointy end make the shape look a little feline and quite edgy.

Fancy Nails Designs for All Shapes

Nude Almond Nails with Brand Logo

Keeping things simple is never a waste. If you are looking for a mani that will fit into both business and casual lifestyle of yours, this would be it!

Silver Metallic Square Nails

Who said that short nails couldn’t make a statement? We assume that silver metallic nails of square shape will attract adoring glances everywhere you go. Besides, the hue is so popular that it will fit in any outfit and event.

Sleek Confetti Squoval Nails

Daring and edgy nails attract a lot of attention, but that is not always something that a classy reserved lady needs. If you wish to take a break from exquisite forms and patterns, confetti sprinkled all over the white base is the design to at least brood upon.

Source: NailDesignsJournal

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