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The Mask Speaks – Ben Garrison Cartoon

What does YOUR mask say?

Now that we know Covid-19 can be cured with mass riots, looting and arson in the name of social justice why are you still wearing facemasks?

If you are taking care of a covid-19 patient or visiting a medical building – please wear a mask. We all need to use common sense.

If your outside jogging or in your car, there’s no reason to. Remember the following points.

  1. People easily succumb to peer pressure and when a certain threshold is reached, everyone begins wearing the masks even though COVID-19 has been no more dangerous than the usual wave of seasonal flu. The chances of catching it are extremely low and it has a high rate of survivability except for the aged and already infirm.
  2. People behave like sheep. They believe what the lying mass media tell them. They genuflect to ‘authorities,’ even though those who are barking the orders are corrupt.
  3. People don’t think, they simply go along. It’s easier for them to obey than to make a fuss.
  4. The masks portend more serious medical tyranny to come. If masks are mandatory for travel and public gatherings, it makes it easier for medical tyrants to make a vaccine mandatory.
  5. Masks hurt breathing by forcing CO2 back into the bloodstream.
  6. Children in particular should not be wearing masks. They need to be exposed to a lot of things in order to build up their immune systems.

We know the looters and Antifa are happy to see facemasks as the “new normal” as mask protects their identity.  Facemasks also make it harder to read facial expressions and dehumanizes all of us.

Don’t be a masked sheep ready to be led to the slaughter…or the slaughter will come looking for you.


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  1. I think the most incriminating comment against “the experts” was accidentally spoken by Fussy Fauci when he said “The mask must be worn AS A SYMBOL. Get that? Not protection. And if you look at the masks, you can see they are loose at the edges. They don’t seal. Some even wear them under their noses. If they were solid plastic they wouldn’t have a bit of trouble breathing normally! You can’t tell the air it’s against your law to enter anywhere but through the mask, never around it. How DUMB can people be???

  2. This cartoon by the great Ben Garrison, “the masks speak”, just about says it all. However, one, very important mask is missing: the mask that says, “I am forced to wear this mask, by my employer and government Nazis, or else I cannot work and earn a living for my family”.

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