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Support Free Speech, FIGHT BACK Against the Tucker Carlson Boycott (Advertisers Contact List)

America is on a precipice teetering precariously. Falling over and off our footing will mean our lives, and those of future generations, will not live as we have – free. Right Wire Report’s existence was born out of a mission to galvanize Americans to demand truth in media and mobilize a defense, a push – back if you will, against the Anti-American forces crushing our foundations and way of life. These forces propose to transform our country into anything other than a state of liberty for all and by force. Liberty is not a red or blue, left or right, or Republican or Democrat state of mind. All Humanity strives to be free.

What is the opposite of Liberty for all? Collective allowances for those who adhere to a Fascist-Authoritarian State. History is rife with examples of countries who were insidiously and  collectively allowed a loss of freedoms: Mao Zedong’s “Little Red Book,” which he asked where “correct ideas come from.” His answer: him. And only politically correct ideas could be tolerated. Fascist Italy’s Ministero della Cultura Popolare – Mussolini’s Ministry of Popular Culture and the Nazi Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, just to name a few.

Modern-day America has its version called Media Matters, or more aptly, Media Matters Fascists Inc. (MMF). David Brock founded MMF in 2004 with seed money from George Soros. The mission statement was not clocked, on the contrary, silencing conservative speech from every platform and driving conservative businesses and staffing out of the public square was the objective. Currently, MMF has managed to get six of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” advertisers to boycott based on a recent airing. This is not the first time MMF has attempted to run Tucker Carlson out of town, on the rails tar and feathered but, in the present climate of rage and hysterics surrounding Floyd protests/riots, Tucker is fighting a tyrannical wave like no other whose goal of drowning him is a credible threat.

So what did Tucker do to attract the ire of Brock holding his trident?

MMF activated after a June, 8 Tucker monologue by sending to advertisers an edited 2min and 36-sec clip of a 25 min opening. The issue as MMF framed it was this statement taken out of context:

“This may be a lot of things, this moment we are living through,” he said Monday on his Fox News show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “But it is definitely not about black lives and remember that when they come for you, and at this rate, they will.”

Here is the full opening in context and I agree with Tucker’s assertions and warnings. It is highly doubtful any advertiser took the initiative to watch the complete video. Doing so would reveal the subject was how the Democrat Party and the leftist mob they fuel are endorsing fascist behaviors like cancel culture and physical violence for political power grabs which threaten all Americans.

During the Obama years, MMF leadership expanded to include Angelo Carusone, and Brock and Carusone sharpened their axes to grind towards Fox News Corporation and their hosts. MMF became an Obama ally and Democrat operative and rapidly created a highly organized, coordinated, and effective astroturf methodology for starting advertiser boycotts against the News organization and media personalities. Bill O’Reilly was the first big scalp but more recently MMF has targeted Hannity, Ingraham, and Tucker. Talk Radio is always on the radar and Rush, Levin, Savage, Bongino, and a slew of other names share and rotate the hot seat.

It is a shell game really, MMF constantly teams up with the Democrat party to launch devastating attacks on conservatives and elected Republicans by pressuring advertisers to boycott some particular host over a word or phrase they stated. MMF has teams around the clock who sift through hours and hours of tape to catch anything they can twist into something else as to alert advertisers to their narrative on what the host said. Whenever a conservative gets anywhere near exposing a truth that would hurt the agenda of the left, MMF strikes.

Utilizing selective edits without context is a hallmark of MMF and these relentless attacks, or shakedowns, serve two purposes. First, propaganda effectively keeps Democrats believing Fox News cannot be trusted and the label Faux News is a huge donor base draw for money. MMF trots out a merciless campaign against a host and the DNC sends emails linking to MMF and raises money-symbiosis. Second, MMF runs interference and diversion when the left is under the microscope and sunlight is about to pour in on them. MMF specialty is to murk up the bombshell as it were.

Yes, it is terrorizing both the target of the campaign and the company whose advertising is associated with the targets show. MMF has a paid army of bots and non-bots who bombard corporate headquarters all at once to overwhelm and make it feel like a grassroots reaction from consumers. Inevitably, most capitulate to the mob and crafted perception. Think of MMF as the prototype for what became these extortion/hostage-taker movements like, Occupy Wall Street, BLM, Sunrise, Democracy Alliance, Antifa, or any of the long lists of community organizer activists the left operate as their fascist army.

None of the above groups mentioned respect the First Amendment and Brock and Carusone have deemed they are the arbiter of Free Speech in America. Brock has previously described the mission of his organization as “guerrilla warfare and sabotage” against the Fox News channel. Brock, in January 2017, gathered with over 100 Democrat donors at Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura, Fla. to map out how Democrats will “kick Donald Trump’s ass.” Read, “Brock’s private and confidential memorandum from the meeting. The memo, “Democracy Matters: Strategic Plan for Action,” outlines Brock’s four-year agenda to attack Trump and Republicans using Media Matters, American Bridge, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), and Shareblue.” Consider it took only hours after Tucker’s show aired to get hashtags, #FireTuckerCarlson, and #TuckerCarlsonisARacist trending.

The above-mentioned shell game is a masterful con. Most corporations leadership and Boards already tilt liberal and are a huge donor base for the Democrat party. These corporations often lay low for a few months to appease the mob and then quietly start back allowing advertising on the shows once boycotted. If they get caught again by the mob they feign a third party entity they contract with is responsible and not the mother ship. Why all the moving of the shells? – Ratings.

Fox News dominates in cable ratings and “Tucker Carlson Tonight ” averages 4.19 million viewers according to Nielsen, making it the second most-watched cable news program behind Fox’s “Hannity,” with 4.23 million. Fox News also gets more than half of its revenue from fees it gets from cable and satellite companies that carry the channel, lessening its dependence on advertising. A Fox News spokesperson told TheWrap on Thursday that Disney and T-Mobile have moved their ads to other programs on the network, saying, “all national dollars/ads were moved to other programs and there has not been any national money lost.” But these are strange and stranger times as each day passes and the ideological sons of Rupert Murdoch might not hold firm against the mob as in the past to maintain profit and ratings. And to Tucker’s monologues point – The mob eventually comes for you. This may explain why Carlson sold his stake in the “Daily Caller” days prior … the website’s founder protecting his offspring and getting ahead of the mob?

I have observed for too long a chilled hush from most Americans. Is it apathy, intimidation, and fear, or both? Democrat operatives manage to get 50,000 bodies crammed onto a street in LA to protest on a dime yet the “Silent Majority” who elected a president who campaigned on defending the First Amendment against PC (politically correct) culture seems invisible and without a voice. There is little difference between the left today and Red China’s Red Guard of the 1960s or the German Browncoats of the 1930s. Regimes lead by fascists deny individual choice and free expression and aim to control the flow of information. It is in this vacuum or blackout that information warfare is perpetrated on the many and a designated group forces others to submit to their agenda. Presently in The United States of America, one cannot speak out in disagreement with this “designated group”, and if one does they must be destroyed. Have so many resigned themselves to accepting this version of America? Have we collectively lost our courage?

Have Americans become so desensitized, so intellectually lazy, so cowardice that they are paralyzed to save themselves? This is a fair question in light of reason events. I still hold out hope the majority of the country finds that American voice again, the spirit to push back, and the resolve to pull us back from the edge. I am asking you to activate and be heard. One does not have to be a Republican or Trump supporter to push back against cancel culture and fascist political movements.

Do your part by contacting the advertisers listed to complain, support Tucker Carlson’s right to free speech, and indicate you will boycott these goods and services as long as the company caves to the mob mentality. Add this article to #IStandWithTucker.



Papa John’s

Smile Direct Club

Jackson Hewitt


Remember “Free Speech” and civil rights used to be defended by Democrats? Tolerance? What happened to that? Now we destroy someone’s life by doxing or boycotts because we do not agree with them politically. Now we accept violent criminals to destroy properties and lives and media tells us this is righteous and moral and the voice of the majority. This is NOT the country I grew up in!

I suspect it is not the one you grew up in either.

But what are YOU willing to do about it?

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