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Saving Our Republic – A Letter To All Patriots

Hello to all American Patriots.

Who am I addressing? I believe in my heart that designation has expanded beyond just Trump voters and now includes even those, who may have negative feelings towards President Trump and did not vote for him in 2016, but believe in the constitutional rule of law and founding principles. Never Trumpers, moderate Democrats, and Independents are not Anti-American and many agree with Republican Trump voters and want what is best for all in our country.

Our country and its people are in crisis, and unifying around basic values will be ALL our salvation. Those principles being :

  • Uphold Constitutional Governance and the rule of law
  • Limited but effective government
  • Federalism and separation of powers
  • Protect, defend, and maximize individual rights
  • Equal application of the law/justice for all
  • Borders and sovereignty
  • Free markets
  • Equal Opportunity not mandated equal outcomes
  • Truth and facts, not propaganda best serves a Republic
  • Freedom from religious persecution
  • Free Speech
  • Defend the second amendment
  • Effective public education K-12
  • Legal immigration

The majority of the electorate deemed it so – Trump is president. Any duly elected President must have access to communicate with the American citizens. The media and opposition party cannot be allowed to block that access. Don’t believe that the president is willfully restrained from his duties to inform constituents? Read here, here, here, and here. Media outlets and personalities willfully edit, distort, or lie on what the president conveys. Read here, here, and here.

The 2020 Presidential election is roughly five months away. Patriots have lived through – Inaugural disruptive riots, Excessive, 24/7 media/Democrat/Hollywood mocking and degradation of the office of the presidency and occupant, the weaponization of former administration intelligence /Justice agencies, and a moving political coup attempt on the president, Russia hoax, Mueller/FBI misconduct, and illegal FISA warrants, Ukraine impeachment HoaxTrump failed COVID crisis hoaxLockdowns, and currently Leftist directed anarchists across 40 American cities holding Americans hostage in their homes!

Weeks before the 2016 election candidate, Trump gave this speech. Foresight?

Today, we all have hindsight and a Trump presidential record. I am asking all who support America and her principles to grasp what is at stake in this 2020 election. Consider the level of intolerance, authoritative, fascistic examples of Progressive leftist politicians and supporters who have gained power or platforms have displayed. President Trump and his administrative policies have achieved positive results for all Americans until the Coronavirus crisis unfolded. These achievements will be outlined in another section of this article.

I am writing now to energize and focus patriots of all stripes on doing FIVE ACTIONS to save our Republic. This is not hyperbolic language – the threat to her is not hidden but shouted proudly by those leftist progressives who are set on transforming our Bill of Rights, Constitutional amendments, abolish the Electoral College, and much more.

  1. BOYCOTT – We all use media platforms, are viewers of cable and television, read newspapers, follow news media, listen to musical artists, watch Hollywood movies, and patronize celebrity’s platforms, sports franchises, consumer stores, and services. Advocate for your values and defend them by refusing to enable those entities engaged in political agendas, indoctrination of anti -American sentiments, and dangerous propaganda. Americans made certain the NFL knew how we felt about displays of disrespecting our flag, our anthem, and our military sacrifices. By boycotting, a change was effected. Ratings and profits dictate most choices. Use your voice to lodge complaints, provide rationales, and refrain viewer participation or from purchasing goods and services until behavior modification is achieved.
  2. RALLYING – If you are not seen, you do not exist. The Virus efficiently removed Trump supporters from view as MAGA rallies were halted over pathogen safety concerns. That left one megaphone highlighted on a loop, and that was the democrat/media far left, anti -America agenda on blast. Patriots lawfully gathering in groups to express support for their president, his actions, and policies is paramount leading up to this election. But there is safety in numbers, so use your social platforms, churches, and such, to promote groups and organize rallies. Show visible Trump support with signage, hats, banners, and shirts and stand safely on overpasses, intersections medians, parks, town squares, courthouses, State Capitals, and no longer be invisible. Choose to proudly display clothing with Trump logos when you enter business establishments you frequent. You are as American as any American claiming resistance to Trump’s administration, so do not cower and make the statement you are with him and not against him. Like the left and resistance carry flags, carry yours too but make it the American Flag!
  3. PROTEST – No matter how foreign it may feel to you, and how you have conducted your lives to date, the time has come to peacefully protest. Protest those politicians in your local and state offices who are not defending your rights, not being fiscally responsible or transparent, not telling the truth about Trump or other politicians, and not holding faith with their constituencies. This could mean you are even protesting a RINO on a GOP ticket. Peacefully redress your Governors, Congressman, Senators, and so forth by protesting specific policies such as sanctuary cities, no school choice,mail-in ballots, lockdowns, and such.
  4. VOTE – Patriots must perform due diligence on all incumbents and candidates down-ticket. Know who you support and who you do not and proceed to inform others. Do your research and make bullet points applied to posters and go to campaign events showing the pros or cons of the candidates. Trump’s victory at the ballot box is not enough to ensure enduring freedom for all. He will require a filibuster-proof Senate and GOP controlled House to battle back from the setbacks of the virus economic impact, recent riots, and continue his Tax, Health, Trade, Border Security, and immigration reforms. Specifically, highlight the politician’s record on quarantine measures and, if not an incumbent, highlight any stance made on that issue. Did they support or push back against draconian measures? Contrast and compare Republican Governors and states that got it right – to Blue states that did not. Come armed with facts, not an opinion on voter fraud, illegal immigration, border wall security, Coronavirus response, to name just a few issues.

Standby to pull up on cell phone the actual statements of the president to share with those you want to sway. Here are three but there are dozens you can add:

  • Trump never said All Mexicans are rapists.
  • Trump never said Neo-Nazis/KKK were fine people.
  • Trump never told people to ingest bleach or Lysol.

Finally, know your presidents’ and his administration’s achievements and be able to articulate them. Create signage that breaks down the most significant ones and take them to rallies. Make certain the amazing economic miracles for minorities unemployment, fewer food stamps, better median incomes, and also the improvements in Veterans’ lives, and Military strengths that his policies have achieved are championed.

Americans have never been so divided since the Civil War, and the media and opposition party has never been more intellectually dishonest and downright deceitful before. There is no slam dunk here that Trump will get re-elected and to assume that could result in a nightmare scenario. The only way Trump wins is the exact way he won in 2016 – YOU! I implore you all, even those reticent to like the president personally, to fight for your Republic as if your life depends upon it. The quality of your life and your grand liberties do! Thanks for reading my plea. And now, in the tradition of “Rosie The Riveter,” roll up your sleeves and engage! God Bless.

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  1. To “legal immigration,” I would add “but fair to American citizens.” People come here legally on the H1-B work visa program. But that program is so badly abused it hurts American tech workers, keeping many from being hired because of false claims by companies that they can’t find enough qualified Americans for their jobs. We must vote out anyone, Democrat or Republican, who supports increasing the quotas for such programs, especially now that so many are unemployed because of the coronavirus shutdowns.

    Hire Americans First!

    Trump 2020!

  2. I now know what it feels like to be an alien. Hated by my friends and family, cut off from the ones I love and hunted by criminals legally wearing masks, favored by law enforcement and the courts.
    If I fly a flag or put out a sign – it’s stolen and I dare not call the police. Wearing anything that represents my views endangers my body. I’m surrounded by a zombie like people with bulging eyes and hate in their heart masquerading as woke and I see the future grim. There is room enough for one or two or three more emergencies requiring house arrest or military on the streets before a rigged November vote. All I can promise is if I haven’t somehow been cancelled physically or administratively I will be casting my vote for Donald John Trump.

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