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PC Run Amok: We’ve Become A Nation Of Wimps!


Well, when I grew up as a kid we always played guns. Cowboys and Indians. Plenty of western movies and tv shows. Nowadays that’s out!  Too violent! Everything went toward being politically correct and that’s why the kids are the way they are. They don’t even grow up learning how to defend themselves.

Now LEGO has chosen to get a bit political with all that’s been going on in the United States. With a video of George Floyd going viral, dying under the knee of a rogue cop in Minnesota, riots have broken out. People all over the country are questioning whether police are the good guys we make them out to be.

Most kids fantasize about what they want to be when they grow up: princesses, police officers, firefighters, and the list goes on and on. LEGO supports these different careers with the sets that they have created, too. It’s why there are so many castles and fire departments and police precincts. Some of the LEGO police stations have hundreds of pieces. The LEGO City kits are designed for those starting at the age of six. It gives them mini-figs to help create scenes and have fun.

LEGO doesn’t want to confuse the kids right now, however. They don’t want to have kids associate being a police officer with being fun, apparently.

They have allowed the products to continue to sell but do not want them to be advertised. Why? They’re allowing their requests to the advertisers to be their only thoughts on the matter.

The only thing LEGO has made sure to do is to issue a statement to say that they stand with the black community. They have also identified that they will be donating $4 million to organizations responsible for supporting black children and teaching all children about racial inequality.

That’s great, LEGO, but seriously, in a time like this, kids need LEGO City in their lives. No one is asking for a mini-fig of George Floyd to re-enact what happened.

LEGO has made the decision to distance themselves from not only police officers but all first responders. This means that the firefighters and EMT are linked in with them. LEGO has sent out a letter to all marketing companies to request that no advertising is done on sets that focus on first responders.

The products can still be sold, but they don’t want to emphasize that they sell them at this time. There are over 30 LEGO products that will be removed from advertising as a result of this letter.

Some of the kits that won’t be marketed include City Police Station, Police Dog Unit, and LEGO Fire Station. Forget about donuts, too. That might be taking it one step too far, but the LEGO City Donut Shop Opening is a kit that made the list of what can’t be advertised, either. Why? One of the mini-figs in the box is a police officer.


So, now, kids won’t be able to play make-believe with the heroes they want to be. There will be no police officers, no fire departments, no police dogs, and not even any donuts.

Not to be outdone Warner Bros, has announced that their beloved cartoon characters Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam will have their guns taken away from them in response to the gun violence in this country.


‘So, if Elmer Fudd is still going to be on the hunt for Bugs Bunny, how will he supposedly be catching him, if not with a gun?’

The answer to that for Warner Bros is to give the clumsy cartoon character a different kind of weapon: a scythe.

Yes, because a man chasing his prey with what is essentially a large knife is somehow less scary and threatening than a hunter with a rifle.

If you aren’t super familiar with the scythe, it is an agricultural tool with a long, usually curved blade that was primarily used in the days before horse-drawn or tractor machinery to bring in the grain harvest or mow the grass. You might also recognize it as the image eerily similar and so often confused with that of the sickle, which is most commonly found on just about every communist flag and symbol in the world. Coincidence? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Now, let’s think about what a child will see in this new reboot of Looney Toons.

No longer do we have a hunter scouring the wood for a rabbit with his trusty rifle in hand, a harmless and age-old tradition for men and women all over the world. Instead, we are given images of a man that now raises a scary scythe to slay his opponent. It entirely changes the narrative.

Furthermore, it, in fact, adds more violence. Think about it; in the realm of cartoons, we all know what happens if Bugs were to actually be shot by the rifle – he simply falls over. Now, imagine what happens if the scythe makes contact with the wascally wabbit’s body. He doesn’t just fall to the ground. He’s cut into pieces with blood and guts everywhere. And yet somehow, this is better for our kids than Elmer Fudd, who can’t hit his target to save his life, walking around with a gun? Give me a break. Warner Bros. has become a puppet to the politically correct.  This PC stuff is making a nation of weaklings, the kids being raised today will have no idea how to handle the real world.

Now HBO has now decided to pull the academy award-winning film classic ‘Gone With The Wind’ from viewing on its service over accusations that the film is racist.

The film won eight Oscars including the best picture and made history when Hattie McDaniel became the first black American to win an Oscar for her performance. HBO pulling it ha sdrawn criticism from some people. Rep.Paul Gosar wrote “Born today in 1893: Hattie McDaniel, the first black actress to win an Academy Award for her role in Gone With the Wind. HBO removed her award-winning movie on what would have been her 127th birthday.”

Now, who’s the real racist here HBO?

Conservative commentator Charlie Kirk said,” HBO removing Gone With The Wind is just another part of the left’s sinister plot to erase American culture.

Did you know—the first black American to win an Oscar was Hattie McDaniel for her role in Gone With The Wind? But the left doesn’t care. They just want to see it all burn.”

Adding insult to injury, objections to the Confederate flag, believed by some to represent slavery and subsequent Jim Crow laws, reached ridiculous extremes, with the toy version of The General Lee, the Dukes of Hazard  boys’ magnificent 1969 Dodge Charger,  taken off the market because said flag was emblazoned on its roof. The old Dukes of Hazard reruns were also cancelled.

Even NASCAR got into the politically correct virtue-signaling game, although, to their credit, they merely asked, not demanded, that fans not bring Confederate flags to their events. But kudos to many NASCAR fans who dance to their own drum and ignored the plea by bringing these hated flags en masse to races. Actually, Confederate flags represent southern pride, not slavery, to many

Paramount has pulled its’ long-running live-action show “cops” after 33 years because of anti-police sentiment. The same was with A&E’s Live PD.

Cops, whose 33rd season was slated to premiere yesterday, has been off the air since June 1 when it was pulled with no plans to run any additional episodes. Paramount Network has been moving away from all unscripted programming.

Live PD host Dan Abrams says the show will return to the air. Abrams, 54, spoke out Tuesday on Twitter after A&E pulled new episodes of the series in the wake of George Floyd‘s death. “To all of you asking whether #LivePD coming back… The answer is yes. All of us associated with the show are as committed to it as ever,” Abrams said. “We are still discussing some specifics but I want to assure the #LivePDNation that we are not abandoning you.”

DanAbrams 2

It seems the crusade against police officers and first responders has now reached a new high watermark, how much further can will the far-left push their crusade against law enforcement?

How did we ever get this way you may ask? A very good friend of mine who is a loyal American wrote an excellent letter on how we got where we are. Notice that most of these rioters are young people who plays a big role in where we are today.

This uprising is deja vu.  Every year or so there is an uprising, mostly by the young kids.  They, and I mean all of them, including blacks, Hispanics, whites, etc. all American, will organize to create some crazy revolution or another, against what they see as the “establishment”.  Two months in quarantine was their godsend!  

They are all young, mostly teens and twenties, and American, having a collective temper tantrum, now making use of technology (internet) to more effectively gather in large groups, easily organized .  Remember the Flower Children of the 1960’s?  Anti-establishment – don’t trust anyone over 30.  Same thing, but this time with a twist.  The opportunistic political groups (many) with an agenda will, and do, use them. Many groups, like Congresswomen AOC, Ilhan Omar, & Rashida Tlaib, with one huge agenda or another, are fueling these riots.

 These kids now have use of technology to spread the word quickly to more kids and create mayhem.  They think they are original.  No, they just have more efficient technology, and enabled by and paid for by living off of their parents.  Smacks of the old Socialist description:  Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.

It’s always these young kids.  They literally have accomplished nothing in life, are being totally or mostly supported by their parents, guardians, or govt. handouts, have plenty of time and energy on their hands, because most don’t work.  They are well fed and healthy, live in homes that provide free shelter and all modern amenities like cell phones and cars,  with a ton of time and energy to burn.  They live in the most powerful, rich, and free country in the world, which allows them the FREEDOM to gather (they don’t see their fortune) and publicly rebel, have their temper tantrum with impunity.

 Now, with the new trend of politicizing everything, these kids are the perfect useful idiots for opportunistic political groups who have an agenda.  These groups move in on these young kids, now as young as middle school.  It’s like having a blank slate to do with whatever you want.  Fruits ripe for the picking.  These kids are being brainwashed to fight injustices against them that never happened or they don’t understand them at all i.e. communism.  Those are the talking points of their opportunistic organizers with their agenda, be it Antifa/Socialism, BLM, Sunrise, Globalism, NWO, Deep State, or any combination of them, since they are all using these kids, etc..  They are organized and taught (brainwashed) through the heavy use of the internet.  COVID shelter at home was a good thing!   Anyone with a cell phone is qualified.  A bicycle or car makes it even better.

 These kids suddenly feel important and relevant.  They feel they are accomplishing something “important” and revolutionary – and never having to work for it.  Clueless.  In reality, all they do is destroy other people’s property, and are given their marching orders, placards in hand, by their organizers.  They are sheep being used, but they don’t see it.  They suddenly feel important because of the destruction and demonstrations they are told to do, words they are told to spew, which makes for the evening news on TV.  This BS anyone can do – ask black people who have been working that agenda for years.  

 They are told to be anti-police because it will guarantee that they can keep causing destruction with no punishment, and thus more easily and quickly push forward the organizing group’s agenda.  What these kids are made to believe is that the police is their dire enemy. 

 Very important to notice.  Do you see organized rebelling of high school kids anywhere else in the planet?  Kids elsewhere in the world either live under a communist/socialist regime which won’t put up with that BS (i.e. Russia, China, NoKo), or the kids live in a poor country where they face real problems, like basic survival (most of the world).  No time for imagined injustices and being used by opportunistic groups with an agenda like in America.  They have their own existential problems to deal with.  American rebellions by their privileged kids (all of American kids)  is made possible if someone else is footing your bill.  Also, if your government allows you to break the law with impunity.  Other countries’ kids who attempt doing what American kids are doing, will be short lived.  No one will support their imagined injustices – or the way they chose to deal with injustices.  It will be a novelty for a few days then fizzle away, or govt putting its foot down quickly.

One can make a real difference in the world with intelligent, peaceful, and cooperative planning.  Voting. (Notice how they are targeting the voting method to be by easily defrauded mail?)  No one is victimized, or threatened, nothing is forced, burned, or destroyed, as these rebellious riots are doing.  Those are weapons of ignorant savages.  

Notice the lack of middle-aged people marching in these groups?  They are too busy living a real-life, filled with its real demands.  Their changes are not accomplished by rioting, burning, and looting in the streets.  Realities of living a real-life taught them otherwise.  How they will deal with their rebellious children being used by political groups, remains to be seen.  I can offer the best suggestion:  Vote for Trump 2020.

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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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  1. “Most kids fantasize about what they want to be when they grow up: princesses, police officers, firefighters, and the list goes on and on.” Why is Lego being hypocritical? They don’t want to advertise, but they don’t want to stop selling their stuff. A tiny bit greedy maybe? Want to act as if you really care but darn, you still need those dollars your product takes in. Why in the world would 6 year-olds and older kids not yet in their pre-teens, care about racism. Why would you make these kids worry about something they don’t understand. They probably have black friends in school and can’t make the connection. Too bad, I hope parents stop buying all these Lego sets, there are other brands of the “building” toys.

    The rest of the article was good to read too, but most involve people of an age who should know better, including those taking some things away from the kids and those who enjoy some old movies. Hope the happiness thieves end up being sorry. I have my video of Gone With the Wind and I don’t need HBO.

  2. This is a PS to my other comment. This is about taking the shotgun from Elmer Fudd and giving him a scythe. It is not only a farmer’s tool, or a symbol on the communist flag, but it is also what the grim reaper carries with him. This for those who don’t know what a scythe is. Elmer won’t last long with that.

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