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Live TV Shows Looters Arguing With Armed Store Owners ‘About Why They Can’t Break In’ |

A live TV broadcast showed a group of suspected looters in Los Angeles confront business owners bearing long guns for not allowing them to break in to stores.

“There having a standoff here arguing about why they can’t break into the place,” a Fox 11 TV reporter said in the live broadcast Sunday evening. Seconds later both the alleged looters and the people in front of the store attempted to flag down police. When police arrived, confusion broke out and officers began to arrest everyone.


The alleged looters bolted across the street as cops confronted the armed group. The Fox 11 reporter indicated that the people in front of the store were protecting their businesses and the cars parked beside the street, but the armed group of people were pinned on a wall and cuffed nevertheless.

“No. No. They’re fine,” the reporter said. “Sir they’re protecting the store, the looters are over there.”

Police then repeatedly asked the reporter where the looters went. The video zoomed out show around a dozen men in uniform fanning out through the middle of the street and grabbing those who had been present on the sidewalk.

“This is one of the most surreal moments we’ve seen,” the news anchor said.

Los Angeles was one of the epicenters of violent riots following George Floyd’s death. California officials approved the National Guard to deploy and quell the unrest, as nearly 400 were arrested Saturday night, according to the Associated Press.

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