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Lightning Bolton – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Another Tell All Book By a Deep State Hack

John Bolton, the neocon warhawk, has written a tell-all book that may tell too much. He may be releasing classified information illegally and the Trump administration wants it blocked.

I was dismayed when Trump made Bolton his National Security Advisor, but thankfully the president didn’t listen to his suggestions of aggression. Thus we may have avoided a war with Iran, Syria, and perhaps Venezuela. Bolton never met a war he didn’t like—including the Vietnam War, which he endorsed but avoided personally. Bolton was a big cheerleader for George W. Bush’s Iraq war, which was based on lies. Both Bolton and Bush are war criminals.

In an interview Bolton stated that it was OK for the government agencies to lie to the American people if national security is at stake. And it always seems to be at stake for dominant men who want secrecy and power. Bolton is a dangerous liar and his anti-Trump screed cannot be trusted.

It’s time to slam the book shut on Bolton.

—Ben Garrison

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