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HUH?: Biden Has Double-Digit Lead Over Trump In New CNN Poll

Democratic nominee Joe Biden has expanded his lead over President Donald Trump to 14 points, according to a CNN poll released Monday morning.

According to the new poll, which sampled approximately 1,250 people, 55% indicated they would vote for Biden in the 2020 presidential election, while 41% said that they would support Trump.

The CNN poll represents a notable change in the candidates’ support from the previous CNN poll, which gave Biden a five-point advantage when it was released in early May.

The poll’s release coincides with both the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and widespread protests that are entering their third straight week over the death of George Floyd, who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer who held his knee on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes, video of the incident shows.

The president has received criticism for his administration’s handling of the respective tragedies, reflected by the poll which shows his approval rating at 38%. 57% of those sampled said they disapproved of the president, while 5% said that they had no opinion.

The poll also shows that only 31% of voters approve of how Trump is handling race relations in the United States, with 63% stating that they disapprove. This comes a week after the president was criticized for his picture in front of St. John’s Church, shortly after peaceful protesters were removed from Lafayette Square by the park police.

The poll also comes on the heels of two similar polls released late last week. The polls, from NPR and Emerson, showed Biden with a seven and six-point lead, respectively.

According to RealClearPolitics, which records and averages numerous electoral polls, Biden’s lead over Trump stands at just under eight points.

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  1. I guess most of the productive, wise people are out working and helping to get America back on track from the radical, Socialist Democrats, destructive game, and their violent followers. All the polls, I have seen give President Trump the edge, no matter how the liberals have thrown their corrupt crap, for the past several years. If most people believe Joe Biden isn’t mentally alert, why would they persist in pushing him? Socialist Obama has alreaady praised the radical extremists march, which is beyond racism, or he calls it a revolution. He said, that’s how they get things done. He doesn’t seem concerned about the destruction at the taxpayers expense, or those innocent hurt or murdered for their radical cause. Their cause is to purge America, as the Islamists or Communists have done, while they conquor a nation. The polling results will probably be altered, just like the mail in ballots. They’ve already, arrested a city clerk, a post man, and a judge for altering mail in ballots for the Democrats. The judge altered votes for Democrats for several years. It appears, they are just corrupt to the core, no matter what position they hold.

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