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Governors And Mayors Who Pander To Violent Left Rioters Will Pay An Eventual Price

Philadelphia Mayor, Jim Kenney, criticized citizens of his city last Saturday for assembling to defend a statue of Christopher Columbus standing in Marconi Plaza, while apparently favoring and pandering to the leftist groups who have made plans to tear down this statue, as has been done in other American cities recently.

It’s the most illogical thing that can be done, when Democrat mayors and governors, elected to their positions by the citizens to protect and serve those citizens and their city, instead pander to violent leftists whose only intent is rioting, destruction and looting. And the citizens who insist that the elected officials enforce the laws and prevent the destruction that leftist mobs want, are criticized and called names by the elected officials.

Any fool politician who panders to leftists has no idea of the filth they are dealing with, because at some point in the future the official risks their anger when he says or does something that is contrary to the mob’s wishes, at which time he’ll be dragged through the mud and cast aside as all enemies of the violent left are always treated.

There is always a price to pay when trying to get along with the violent left, and Mayor Kenney will learn his lesson one day, and he’ll be sorry. By pandering to the radicals now he’s allowed to be a hero and a champion of the people, but he’ll be the subject of scorn and possible violence himself one day, and I hope I’m here to see that day.

Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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