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‘Destruction Is Not The Answer’: Raleigh Rioters Express Regret For Violence, Looting After Arrests


Rioters arrested by Raleigh, North Carolina, police expressed regret in court for the violence and looting they admitted to.

Raleigh police arrested more than 30 rioters over the course of three days, WRAL reports. The riots followed the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for several minutes, according to footage of the incident.

Eight of the arrested were on the docket at the Wake County Justice Center when the center opened Tuesday after coronavirus shutdowns, according to WRLA.

The publication reports that some of the rioters confessed in court that they regret their actions and said they were spurred on by the anger of the crowd.

“Destruction is not the answer,” said Dijon Pulley, who was charged with trespassing during an emergency related to his conduct Sunday night, according to WRAL. Pulley and others were present in court on charges related to looting and trespassing at a midtown shopping center as well as at stores near Triangle Town Center.

He added: “At the same time, being quiet is not effective. I feel like a lot of people are fed up.”

“I’m kind of ashamed of myself, because I knew better,” said Keante Underwood, according to WRAL. He added that if he were given the chance, he would “most definitely do it differently. Not the looting, the protesting most definitely, but the looting, I would have changed that up.”

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“Our First Amendment right to protest and to petition our government and to get angry with our government is sacred,” said Damon Chetson, an attorney who offered to represent arrested rioters for free, according to WRAL.

“I am absolutely not condoning any property damage that occurred,” the attorney added, before suggesting police were to blame for the protest turning into a riot.

“What I saw was them being tear-gassed by Raleigh police, and I think that led to some of the events that occurred later … which was the property destruction, the broken glass and so forth in downtown Raleigh,” he said.

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  1. The protestors need to shut it down earler in the evening, or just do it during the day. Our small city of 40+thousand had a protest. The next morning our newspaper had a story about the “peaceful”rally; then we learned from a neighboring TV station that our police had to use tear gas, and rubber bullets to disperse a large group of violent trouble makers late in the night. They had no ties to the protestors, but the peaceful ones get blamed.

  2. Sure, the attorney blames someone else for the behavior of the rioters. Maybe these thugs shouldn’t be let out of their houses if they need someone to hold their hands while telling them that destroying property, stealing, setting fires is not a good thing to do.

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