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‘Brooks Was Not Running Away’: Attorney For Atlanta Officer Defends Cop Charged With Murder


Rayshard Brooks offered “extreme violence” to the officer now charged with murder, the former Atlanta police officer’s defense attorney said on Fox News Wednesday.

An attorney for former Atlanta Police officer Garret Rolfe, who faces felony murder charges for the shooting, defended against claims that the shooting of Brooks was not justified on Fox’s “The Ingraham Angle” Wednesday.

“Mr. Brooks was not running away,” Lance LoRusso, Rolfe’s attorney, told Laura Ingraham. “Mr. Brooks turned and offered extreme violence toward a uniformed law enforcement officer. If he was able to deploy the Taser, it would incapacitate Officer Rolfe through his body armor, and at that point, if he decided to disarm another officer, he would be in possession of a firearm.”

LoRusso’s comments directly oppose those of Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard who announced felony murder charges against Rolfe Wednesday during a press conference. Howard said Brooks “did not pose an immediate threat of death or serious physical injury,” despite allegedly firing a taser at Rolfe, according to CBS News.

Howard also said that neither Rolfe nor Devin Brosnan, the other officer involved in the incident, tried to render first aid to Brooks after he was shot. LoRusso denied that claim.

“He [the DA] shows a still [where] one leg is planted and the other one’s bent. He could be leaning down to try to give him first aid, it could have been when he was trying to evaluate whether he needed handcuffs,” LoRusso said, according to Fox News. “This officer gave him CPR, monitored his pulse prior to that, talked to him to try to keep him breathing and called for EMS and coordinated other efforts on the scene,” he said.

Rolfe faces felony murder charges for allegedly shooting Brooks multiple times while his back was turned, after officers contacted him for a suspected DUI in a Wendy’s parking lot. Body camera footage shows the officers interacting with Brooks before a struggle ensued. Brooks was shot after allegedly grabbing a taser and firing the device at officers.

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  1. Brooks took the officer’s Taser, and in Georgia a Taser is considered a lethal weapon, even the DA is shown saying that 2 weeks earlier, on a video!

    You have to remember, that you’re dealing with a drunk that has made up his mind, that fighting with 2 Police Officer’s, taking one of the Officer’s Taser, and then firing this Taser twice at Police while taking off, was the thing to do, to keep from being arrested for DWI!

    Put the blame where the blame belongs, and it’s Not on Police for protecting themselves from a mean drunk, who is firing a Taser at them!

  2. When Brooks or any other breaks the law, it is them that ‘starts’ the action BEFORE police arrive….it’s the old “actions create reactions” and are accompained by consequences…..as a probationer, Brooks knew the consequences BEfore getting drunk….Brooks and only Brooks drank in excess and passed out in the drive up, Brooks and only Brooks failed the sobriority test and ONLY Brooks choose to grab the taze and run….Brooks and only Brooks got what he wanted….he stayed out of jail

    The knee jerk respose from ‘officials’ will set off a pandemic of “Blue Flue” across the Country.


  3. Hadrian Alexander

    What? Let me guess…he had to run to the bathroom. Can’t wait to see the cop get off that ridiculous charge.

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