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Are Leftists Destroying Confederate Statues To Cover Up Proof Of Centuries Of Democrat Racism?

Anyone who understands history knows that the ranks of the KKK’s murderous, racist organizations of the 19th and 20th Centuries, consisted of Democrats, not Republicans.

Instead, it was Republicans who issued the emancipation proclamation, fought in the Civil War to end slavery, participated in the underground railroad to get slaves to freedom, and were the pressure that got the Civil Rights Act passed.

On a daily basis we see Democrats tearing down statues of Civil War leaders and the war’s participants, and one wonders whether this effort is to hide the racist past of the Democrat Party, or are these just more ignorant, radial Democrats out to damage and destroy anything in their path?

And how about the subject of slavery in America, which Democrats never stop talking about? Slavery in America was ended over a century ago, but slavery still exists on the continent of Africa and in China, so it appears to the casual observer that ending slavery is not on the agenda of present-day Democrats. Instead, all they want to do is blame America for past sins, which have been addressed and corrected. But even more important, they want to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump this November with their constant regurgitation of a settled and very old subject.

One must also keep in mind that the slaves shipped to America in the 17th Century were bought from African tribes, who captured them and then sold them all over the world to the highest bidder. So why aren’t the African tribes blamed for slavery and its suffering, both at the time of the sale of the slaves to Americans, and for the existing slavery being suffered at this very moment in Africa?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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