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A Call to Action – A.F. Branco Cartoon

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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Likely somewhere right now in a close door Liberal Socialist Democrat (LSD) leadership meeting with their political and radical controlled group leaders… (BLM, ANTI-FA, Pinkies, CHAZ and others).

    Some LSD leader is saying:
    The Protests are petering out and in fact turning voters against Protesters/Rioters now.
    Yes, I know we have failed at every thing we have tried so far. But we have managed diverted close to $250+M in donations made to our various political groups, into our 2020 National campaigns. Plus deflect attention from our subversive activities.

    Still we need to deflect the voters from the FACTS coming out from the SPY-GATE and our other illegal efforts over the last 4 years.

    We need something Big ….. any suggestions?

    What about School or Gathering Shooting or a Bombing by a White / Arab looking guy?
    Its been done too many times and the voters now are asking too many questions.

    How about a BIO-attack?
    We just finished doing that and too many know it was a staged and over-hyped event.

    How about a Tell-All ghost written book on Trump by some big name?
    Its been done the books just end up in the $1 stores. Shoppers know it was a paid smear or bribe.
    Most buyers were shooters buying the books for targets, because of the persons picture on the cover.

    How about TV Talking Heads?
    Not working the viewing audience and demographics isn’t diverse enough. Younger views are not watching them. Heck FOX’s view numbers out do all of our MSM outlets put together.

    How about running ADS on Radio Talking Head shows that are only semi-pro-trump?
    We tried it, no one listened and we wasted $$ millions doing it. Heck we know who owns Radio land, but we did take steps trying to fix that. It amazing what you can put in a cigar, just look at what the CIA did with Castro.

    How about a good media smear?
    The Internet blogs quickly dispels them, or proves it fake news. The public polls rate our media below Congress now in trust.

    How about using Social Media to start a “Grass Roots wave of Anti-Trump?
    We are again trying that. But Russia and China are having issues getting the $$$$ into the system again.

    We better come up with something BIG and Quick, or we are looking at Jail time.

  2. What we need is REAL, Mature, Ethical, Adults…not these pandering fools, photo-op stealing accusing liars, that will do anything for a vote,.,,and then forget you…until the next election.
    The democrats are worse then spoiled children that did not get their binky’;s and they want it now, now, now for me, me, me

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