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Various ways of using Google Calendar for efficient use of available time

The success of Google Calendar lies in its ability to turn an unorganized person into a very efficient one provided the person takes an interest in the transformation. From connecting people across the world to scheduling appointments, Google Calendar does much more than just telling what day it is. You can schedule meetings, real or virtual, across the globe with the help of video links, determine the best time by coordinating with multiple calendars and integrate it with your website to enable your client to book some time with you. You must learn how to make the best use of Google Calendar for which the Google Calendar tips discussed in this article should come in handy.

Sync the Google Calendar with other calendars

Besides using Google Calendar, you might be using some other calendars, too, and it can be a cumbersome task to track each of these separately. Instead, it is more convenient to be able to see all your events in a single calendar, which helps to get a clear picture and a better understanding of how the schedule looks like. You might be having a personal calendar, a work calendar, and a holiday calendar, and you can merge the three calendars to view it as one.

Go to the settings of Google Calendar, and from the Import/Export option, choose export your calendar. Next, go to the Import/Export option in the settings menu of your main calendar and select import to get your calendar.

View your colleagues’ calendar

Your work might entail working with different groups and have regular meetings with many different people regularly. To facilitate setting up meetings by knowing the convenient time of all, you must have access to your colleagues’ Google Calendar. After opening the Google Calendar, type the email address of your co-worker under Add calendar that appears on the left-hand side. Request permission to view the calendar, it allows you uninterrupted access to the requested calendar.

Create Google Hangouts to set up remote meetings

In addition to the convenience of setting up physical meetings with the help of Google Calendar, you can set up virtual meetings, too, by creating a Google Hangouts link. When you add a Google Hangouts link, the person whom you invite to the meeting can view the event link in their calendar. It does away with your sending a video conferencing link on your own.

Sign in your Google Calendar to create a Google Hangouts link and go to Create an Event and click on Add Conferencing, followed by clicking on Hangouts. After completing the details of your event, save it.

Set auto-reminders for events

Setting an event in your calendar might not be enough, and you would like to set up a reminder for more convenience so that there is no chance of missing the event. Reminders are useful as it allows you to complete any task if required, and prepare for the event. Choose Settings for my calendar on the settings menu and click on your calendar. Next, go to Event Notifications and choose how much notice you need before events. Choose whether you prefer a notification or email and click on Add Notification.

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