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The Dems Are Using Germ Warfare Against Trump Now


When President Trump first became president the Dems led by Pelosi, Schumer, and Hillary along with the media all said they were going to resist him at every step of the way and resist him they did. The country be damned. They tried coup after coup to overthrow him like a banana republic. First here was Stormy, Stormy, Stormy, that didn’t work. Then it was Russia Russia, Russia, that didn’t work. Then it was Collusion, Collusion, Collusion, that didn’t work. Then it was Muller report, Muller report, Muller report, that didn’t work. Then it was Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, that didn’t work. Then it was impeach, impeach, impeach that didn’t work. Now with this Chinese virus going throughout the world that Obama and Dr. Fauci inadvertently financed they are using this to get rid of Trump.

Yes this virus came from China. It made its’ way to the markets and from there to the rest of the world.  China is communist. Communists have nothing to offer but propaganda. Hence all their reports are suspect. Some sources say China had 700,000 COVID-19 deaths even though they only report a few thousand. We also know China turned off 30 million cell phones within a couple of months after the COVID-19 outbreak. I view some of that was to control the flow of information, but some of it was also due to deaths. But since the virus started in China and is now world-wide with 4,876,906 cases, China must realize they don’t need nukes to destroy us they can use germ warfare.

A lot of people have co-morbid conditions. That means they are also near death and do not know it because the doctors will not give them an exact prognosis because if they are told how soon they will die, they will have massive mental issues and die sooner than expected.

What could be done is what Trump is doing. He’s taking Hydroxychloroquine to help him avoid getting COVID-19. This is what we can do for the co-morbid people. Put them on hydroxychloroquine for a couple of weeks, then give them the plasma from a cured patient that will give them the antibodies. Then inoculate them.

People are protesting that Trump is taking Hydroxychloroquine but it works along with zinc which he is talking about.  Hydroxychloroquine and Z packs work. The Russians will use it and show that it works and they won’t give a crap what the corrupt American BIG PHARMA has to say.

Nancy Pelosi is one who complained saying, “As far as the president is concerned, he’s our president and I would rather he not be taking something that has not been approved by the scientists, especially in his age group and in his, shall we say, weight group, morbidly obese, they say. So I think it’s not a good idea.”

Nervous nancyThis disease is being used by many greedy pharmaceuticals just like the cancer treatment centers who want the big $$$$$$$.  That’s why they will NEVER find a cure for cancer because the treatments are far more lucrative than the cure.

If you look on the COVID- map most of the country from the mid-west to the west coast is pretty clear. The country from Michigan to the east coast is still pretty hot with the virus with New York and New Jersey being the worst. We are slowly opening up and even in New Jersey Gov., Murphy is opening the beaches but only for walking fishing and surfing, no swimming, sunbathing, or sitting on the benches and no amusement park rides on the boardwalk open yet.

Democrats do not want a cure and, in fact, are conducting germ warfare against the GOP. That’s right, the Democrats are conducting germ warfare to try to steal the election. They will do everything in their power to delay opening up (using germ warfare) to kill the economy so they can put their aging dementia prone sex offender into the white house.

Meanwhile, Rep. Maxine Waters had a mental breakdown and attacked President Trump and his followers on twitter using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse. Trump doesn’t care about the 80,000+ people who’ve died from #Coronavirus! He only wants to open up the economy so he can go back to having his white power pep rallies! The death & economic devastation we are facing is b/c Trump failed to act early & called #COVID19 a HOAX!

Hey Maxine, Trump did all the work when the Pandemic broke out while you and your dem cohorts didn’t lift a finger to help him. When Trump put a halt on China from coming in here you all called him racist until you found he was right then you said he didn’t act soon enough. So just sit down.

President Donald Trump’s son Eric accused Democrats of using the coronavirus to hurt his father’s campaign for reelection and claimed that after Election Day, the virus would “magically” disappear.

Eric Trump told Fox News that limits on large gatherings, which experts agree are particularly risky while the virus is spreading, were about preventing the president from holding rallies.

“They’re trying to deprive him of his greatest asset, which is the fact that the American people love him, the fact that he’s relatable, the fact that he can go out there and draw massive crowds,” he said.

Eric Trump added that media reports on the virus, such as relaying the CDC recommendations on wearing face masks, aimed to instill fear among Americans.

“They’re doing it for one reason: They want to hurt Trump. They tried to do it with the Russia thing. They tried to do it with the Ukraine scandal. They tried to do it with impeachment,” he said. “Now they’re trying to do it with coronavirus. They know they can’t beat him.”

Democrats will lose this GERM WARFARE in the end. GOP is now converting a lot of Democrats who could not believe these idiots would violate the constitution and take away their liberties.

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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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