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POLL: Biden’s Support From Women Drops As Media Focuses On Reade’s Accusations


Former Vice President Biden’s favorability ratings are dropping among women amid an increase in media coverage of Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations, a new poll finds.

Biden’s net favorability rating among women slid 6 points since April, leaving the former vice president with a 44% positive and 46% negative rating, according to a Morning Consult-Politico poll published Tuesday.

The survey is the first time Morning Consult has shown the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee underwater among women.

The poll, conducted between May 4 and May 10, surveyed 27,754 people online as the media began ramping up stories on Reade’s accusations. The survey also has a 1 percentage point margin of error.

Reade accused the former vice president in March of sexually assaulting her when she was Biden’s senate aide in 1993. Several witnesses began corroborating her allegations on April, 2425, and 27.

Reade’s mother, her brother, her close friend, her former neighbor, and her former coworker have all corroborated details of her story. Biden, for his part, denied the accusations, telling MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski on May 1 that “it never, never happened.”

Despite the negative numbers, Women still support Biden over President Donald Trump by 8 points in the poll.

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The poll also finds Biden losing steam among voters in general as he pulls in 45% support nationally, against 42% for Trump. Morning Consult conducted a similar poll in mid-April that found the former president ahead by 8 points.

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  1. We now have proof that Biden is a racist. He only feels up, and nuzzels the hair of white women, and girls. I just cannot believe how the deamonrat families of these victims stand around smile, and do nothing. I noticed on the day when most of these molestations took place that when it was Jeff Sessions turn to be introduced he grabbed his daughter, or granddaughter, and directed her out of reach of biden.

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