OP-Ed: Was the Global China Virus Lockdown Necessary?

We are about 50 days into this lockdown, “The Great Suppression” some have dubbed it, this wrecking ball called Coronavirus, that has been swung with great force into our society, smashing to bits a robust and growing Trump economy.

Trump himself, and the rest of us, are facing a barrage of medical facts and fiction, aimed at confusion and panic. One has to admire this president for not listening when the press and “scientists” were saying that Coronavirus was “no big deal”, instead he chose to act. President Trump shut down China travel, amid the usual liberal cries of racism and painting Trump as a xenophobe. His decisive action protected American lives, perhaps millions, by locking down the country, so he says, and that perhaps is true.

But the curve appears to have flattened, and many are using this whole Coronavirus ordeal as a reason to continue to sabotage our economy which could influence the 2020 election outcomes, as many political pundits seemed to foresee. Taking down America equals taking down Trump. Shutting down his thriving economy, his Trump rallies, the Democrats think this will make him lose in November.

Many citizens are starting to figure out that while the virus is quite real, the fear-mongering of Democrat governors of states such as New York, California, Oregon, and Michigan, is a scam. They are also figuring out that it’s costing lives, perhaps more than the Coronavirus itself, by the ruination of business and our way of life. And nobody appears to be stepping up to stop this runaway train.

Trump appears to be turning this event around to expose the hype as a positive force in the election ahead. As usual, the backfiring result of this kind of liberal nonsense is on full display, as Americans now see examples of Orwellian behavior from their governors, and Trump asks them to set their people free. They can see with their own eyes that they’re being held hostage, like house arrest, in their own homes. And the media has given them a big hand in this.

Since the beginning of this entire charade, er … rather, “lockdown,” which has been pushed by public media-driven hysteria, driven by politically-backed “scientists” with conflicts of interest, such as Dr. Fauci of the NIH and Dr. Birx, and followed by their liberal sycophants, compliance has been key. The obedient to authority without question, the timid, and a public that is normally just too busy and too tired to remember their high school science follows commands. The whole list of faux pas, confusion, and deliberate lies perpetrated upon the public is long indeed.

In fact, the more you dig into this Coronavirus subject through the mainstream media, the more of a confusing circus this appears to be. There are globalist ringmasters in the center directing us all to stay home, lest we all die, using a bevy of little media tricks and corporate gadgets to do so. While Trump and the rest of us are trying to sort out truth from fiction, let us look back at this confusing array of so-called “facts” we’re seeing from the media and “science” organizations designed to “help the public,” shall we?

At the beginning of the news of the Coronavirus spread, the WHO said it didn’t transfer person-to-person. Let that sink in. Not until the END of January, did they finally admit it. Meanwhile, the Chinese knew back in December of 2020 and covered it up. Furthermore, CDC said you didn’t need your masks. In fact, the press went too far as to say masks didn’t even work. That you would need a Hazmat suit that was very expensive and limited to certain workers, in order to protect yourself, and they wonder why it’s said so often, “The Media is the Enemy of the People.”

Now they’re insisting on masks everywhere, and they’re acting like it’s deadlier and more contagious than the black plague of Europe. Did the virus change? No. So, did the “scientists” change their minds? Comparisons to the 1918 “Spanish” flu are abundantly made all over the press and pressure on businesses to close. Now with reopening come the demands to wear masks and “social distancing”. It appears to be purposeful, to keep up that fear in the populace.

It’s working well. Even with Coronavirus numbers in line with seasonal flu, everywhere you go, people’s actions and wearing masks, show you the mainstream media is succeeding in driving fear into the public, when the reality is, that this really isn’t even a pandemic. A real virus, yes. A pandemic, no … not unless something about one-third as deadly as the flu each year is a “pandemic?”

Over the last two months, the death rate numbers for Coronavirus started with 3% to 4% down to 0.1% to 0.2%. And finally down to that shockingly low 0.03% mentioned earlier. So if that was true, that means we’d have a pandemic every year. And it actually looks like the group of doctors running the “Coronavirus task force” would like you to experience a pandemic every year, as they are psychic in their predictions for the coming fall. In fact, they warned you about this point and did a little “simulation” 60 days before the outbreak. That doesn’t look fishy, does it?

There’s plenty of evidence that this is an engineered virus and not from “bat soup.” People are now shut in their homes, like house arrest, showing that we have a weak and uninformed public that will simply do as they are told by authority figures.

The media is complicit with this agenda, driving the fear home to every American by carrying water for the Communist Chinese who are directing the WHO, along with their major donor, Bill Gates. And you can see this with your own eyes. They even warn that you’ll get it and “a vaccine won’t work.” Maybe someone should tell Bill that because he’s funding all seven vaccine makers. I have to ask myself why?

There is intense fear-mongering on your nightly news, in social media, for example, when the head of Youtube officially declares that if you say anything contrary to WHO, the video will be taken down, and possibly your platform will be removed. I listened to that incredulous nazi-like statement with my own ears. Youtube threatened their own customers, warning them if they stray from their “official” narrative for the Chinese-run and Gates-funded WHO. It’s like we’re already living in Orwellian China under Dragonfly.

Speaking of Dragonfly (thank you, Google), it appears as though the CCP made this event work for them, through that Orwellian program, 21 million cellphone accounts simply vanished during the Coronavirus event, as we watched videos of apparently healthy Chinese people screaming while being boarded up in their homes, fighting while being taken off the street by police, stuffed into windowless metal boxes, hauled off by trucks. It’s dangerous to be a dissident in China.

Part of the smoke and mirrors is to use faulty tests, with a 70% false-negative rate to assure that numbers are inaccurate, so doctors can complain that there are people walking around with disease they can’t detect and claim that they “have the disease but have no symptoms.”

A test with only a 30% accuracy rate isn’t a test at all. It’s a weapon. Even though it came with a warning from its creator, “Not to be used for infectious disease,” because, as some have pointed out, registers any sort of illness, in the human body, depending on how accentuated the test is made. It wasn’t made for that. David Icke maintains that after speaking to experts in infectious disease testing, that the quick test for Coronavirus merely measures a normal, human immune system response, not a virus. But you’d think what would really make people panic is finding out that their tests are tainted with Coronavirus itself so yes, there’s that.

The next step would be to give hospitals new “codes” that indicate Coronavirus when really, a test hasn’t been available or is inconclusive and bribing hospitals to say patients have Coronavirus. For every death that can be confirmed as Coronavirus, there is a reward. And now, most of the hospitals are devoid of COVID-19 patients, and even the field hospital at ground zero, Seattle, which was predicted to be hit harder than any other city with Coronavirus death, was torn down without seeing one patient – oops. So, where is this pandemic at? Only in NYC? Can we confirm that? Are there, autopsies? No.

Or, how such a faulty test is being used to identify and remove “sick” people from your home. United Nations said directly that they wanted to use that test, that they tried to knock on every door, globally, take your temperature, and remove any people who might appear “sick”. No, I am not making this up. If they knock, I suggest you do not answer.

As the fear from the press pushes onward, never admitting the flattening of the curve, they even report a tiger or a dog that had coronavirus without stating how the animal had been tested, or why. Or, as in the case of the Pomeranian, neglecting to tell the reader that the dog had just died of old age after surviving Coronavirus.

Although some people need to wash their hands more, these organizations appear to do more harm than good, with fear-mongering phrases such as “Don’t touch your face!” and other wives’ tales are coming from the CDC and WHO, as though these were true statements, sending Americans into more panic. They are counting on the public to forget even simple things from biology class in school.

Some of the articles are so erroneous, they are retracted as soon as they are published, so there are no references for some, but I still remember what they were saying … “It leaps 14 feet!” Ok, well, it was only 13, but still. Then they came out with “social distancing” of six feet. “Stand six feet apart!” Does this really help? Well, no, actually, that won’t help you with micro-droplets floating in the air, they hang there for quite a while – see this Facebook video.

So … if you move from the spot you’re standing in, you’re going to run into that. It was once said, “If germ theory were true, then nobody would be alive to believe in it.” Well, germ theory true or not, if this thing was like the black plague and spread the way they say, on packages, and steering wheels and money, then for sure everybody would have it. Standing a few feet apart wouldn’t stop a thing. The numbers for Coronavirus are still in line with normal seasonal flu, in fact, some studies showing them to be far lower.

However, seasonal flu numbers dropped like a rock in February 2020 when the Coronavirus deadly pandemic was in full swing – why is that, you wonder? You think people who regularly die of the flu every year, are being listed as Coronavirus? Pish posh, you’re a conspiracy theorist now! Who can blame you when the media pushing this fear on society is at an unprecedented high, with ridiculous non-scientific statements for us to consider and believe?

“It spreads through poop!” Look at that. A toilet plume can go 15 feet. Who knew. “It’s on your money!” Yes, everybody knows there are E-coli and all kinds of germs on the money. But money never started a pandemic. But this is coming, and they will try to use this to get only digital currency. Checkout out a more on Coronavirus in this following here and the following video:

“It lasts on surfaces for 28 days!” If that were true, everybody would have this virus, packages from Amazon, much from China, would carry it. Most people don’t know a soul who has ever had it. Come on, people, admit it. You’ve had the wool pulled over your eyes. Right after that, the narrative changed again, to hours, minutes, seconds, or days, depending on what “kind” of surface – cloth, glass, steel, etc. “You could have it for a month and not even know it!”

Well, to be fair, the mainstream media didn’t tell you their possible treatment modalities, even though some field tests for drugs such as hydroxychloroquine sulfate and Remedisvir have come in at 80-100% success rates. If you feel confused by all the conflicting information, you are certainly not alone, and some have made some pretty good comedy about it – see Facebook video here.

It appears to me that this whole lockdown is a bunch of malarkey. It may save some lives of the elderly and high-risk groups, but friends, shutting down the nation for that is like shutting down the roads because there are car accidents. And just as many people die in those ever year. Including way, way more children, thousands of them. Coronavirus very, very rarely kills a child, and you can go look that up. So why are our schools closed?

It gets worse, too, as censorship begins to make the USA today look more like Germany sixty years ago because to have a successful Lockdown, you must prevent people from knowing the truth about your alleged “deadly global pandemic”. Therefore, Youtube and other social media are ripping down doctors’ testimonies as soon as they go up, like they’re doing it quickly, too. See how big tech censors anyone who expresses any dissent if they stray from the narrative of their Gates-funded, China-run World Health Organization masters.

And the WHO has changed their narrative more than once has been found lying – see here and here but the lapdog media will continue to follow the “expert scientists” as they are told. In that same effort, the mainstream news isn’t telling you about potential remedies for Coronavirus, and mock the president saying he said to “drink bleach” when he mentions remedies such as Healight and ultraviolet irradiation of blood. Mainstream and social media also block doctors from telling you about the real rates of infection or treatments for the disease.

And yet, the fear-mongering continues. After a good, solid thirty years of dumbing down the schools, the perfect way to pull off  a pandemic: an ignorant public who won’t argue about the science, in fact, you can tell people literally anything these days, simply call it “scientific” and they’ll believe you:

“Don’t go out of your house until you’re vaccinated!” Newsflash, people all over the country, never observed the lockdown, and they are perfectly fine. The vaccine isn’t necessary because there are treatments that actually work. In fact, according to some doctors, the vaccine won’t even work.

Why doesn’t the mainstream news mention that viruses are extremely susceptible to UV light, heat, humidity, salt, and ozone, just to name a few? Who is telling the truth? The sun kills Coronavirus, or it doesn’t, depending on who you listen to – the mainstream news, or scientists working for the administration. It causes a rash! It clots the blood! Some have symptoms, some do not; we do not understand this virus completely, but the forces against this administration are using it to keep us locked down, and wreck an economy so badly, that people could start jumping out of windows.

You know Tuberculosis is in our nation worse than ever with so many immigrants, it’s contagious, and there are thousands of people who get it, with 13 million people infected, that can spread it to you. You aren’t wearing a mask for that. We’ve even seen a resurgence of the bubonic plague in Los Angeles with recent floods of immigrants at our border, but you didn’t put a mask on when we saw that coming in.

Hopefully, in the next weeks, this confusion will be cleared up as Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx are fired ( one can only hope)because of their conflicts of interest taking monies from vaccine makers and the Chinese Institute of Science mouthpiece, Bill Gates. But fired or not, according to these same left-thinking folks who dominate the media and the sciences, we will never “be the same”, will never “go back to normal“. That’s the way they want it … why? What was normal? A busy, thriving economy, people free to pursue happiness, record unemployment, record gains, especially for the black community, that’s what was normal just two months ago.

Why the heck are we in a lockdown of 350,000,000 people when the death rate from Coronavirus is 0.03%, and the curve is even flattened? We are in a war, and if we don’t fight this, the “cure will be worse than the disease,” which has been pointed out by more than one pundit and the president himself.

Do you think it’s any coincidence that Oregon’s Democrat governor wants the shut down to last until July 6th, so that the people can’t celebrate independence day, or do you think it’s an attempt to break the morale and economy of the state when there are NO NEW CASES in Oregon?

The Founders of this nation would never have stood for anyone telling us we must stay in our homes. This pseudo-scientists and their media tools are not stopping from demanding the shutting down every country on Earth until they can mandate these vaccines.

Was the Global China Virus Lockdown Necessary? Only you can stop this by not falling for these fear tactics, and getting back to normal life. Let your neighbors, friends, and employers know you aren’t standing for it. And if you have a business, bravely do not bend to authority, and open your doors.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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