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No ‘Particular Timeline’ to Reopen Northern Virginia, Northam Says

Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam said he has no “particular timeline” for reopening Northern Virginia from the pandemic closures.

The Virginia governor delayed reopening parts of Northern Virginia last week after leaders in the area sent him a letter expressing concerns that their communities should not yet reopen. Northam said he is “following the data” as he prohibits Northern Virginia from reopening, according to the Washington Times.

“We haven’t set any particular timeline,” Northam said, the Times reported Wednesday.

“We will continue to follow that daily. We will be in communication with those (local) leaders, and when they are comfortable, and when the data supports a movement into Phase 1, we will do so,” Northam said.

His comments come as local businesses in the Northern Virginia area struggle to come to terms with extended restrictions and closures.

The Virginia governor also that he does not have a timeline for when to move Virginia into Phase 2 of the reopening plan. Phase 1 allows parts of Virginia to open restaurants and bars with outdoor seating, barbershops, salons, and places of worship at 50% capacity.

Northam did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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  1. Governor Black Face is a miserable low life Demon-Rat, whose only agenda is destroying Virginia’s economy and peoples lives, then blame Trump for everything!

    Governors of the Demo-Rat states like NY, New Jersey, Virginia, Illinois and California are opening liquor stores, and abortion clinics, but claim churches will do nothing but spread disease!

    Their Pig-losi Demo-Rat Agenda is to have people dependent on welfare, instead of allowing them to work, to control them!

  2. No.
    What Northam is following is his own agenda: the utter destruction of Virginia’s conservative roots.

    This clueless Black Faced KKK Kleagle is mandating Virginia’s citizens basic rights into oblivion. It was a shameful day for Virginia when the media allowed him to run for governor without challenge to his past behavior. Northam is a stooge and a puppet of the left. He is a vile, hateful individual bent on murdering babies and the elderly citizens of Virginia and must be removed from office!

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