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News: Wearing masks probably will be obligatory for a long time

We have come to a point where the pandemic will become a part of our lifestyle. We will have to learn to co-exist while taking protective measures. One of the most controversial topics is wearing masks and their effectiveness at protecting us against the virus. Do you really have to wear a mask? The answer is yes. We will have to get used to wearing masks for a long time, as many countries have already regulated this issue. Soon, it is expected to become an accessory and normal part of our daily wear.


Do you have to wear a mask?

Different countries have different regulations for this. However, most of them impose face masks as a must for those in. This is meant to stop or slow down the transmission of the virus. The virus is contained in the small droplets released during talking, coughing, or sneezing. By wearing a mask you will be protected, but also protect the others around you. Despite respecting the rules, you are being responsible for public health.

Regulations in the EU

Many countries across the EU made wearing masks mandatory. The Czech Republic is the first European country that implemented this measure to prevent the spread of the disease. Starting from March 18th, wearing masks in public transport and closed spaces is a must. Next was Slovakia, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina that made it mandatory for people to wear masks when walking on the streets. Austria also joined the club, advising people to wear masks in public places. Germany was a little bit late, as they made wearing masks a must in public places on April 22. 


How to choose a good mask for you and your family

Do you want to find a good mask for the whole family? These are the main criteria that you should have in mind:

  • Above 95% protection from tiny particles and viruses.
  • A good mask should be reusable while allowing you to clean it easily and thoroughly.
  • It should have a proper valve to allow airflow and release the accumulated moisture.
  • The mask should fit on your face perfectly, so it is very important that you pick the right size. It should fit snuggly while covering the nose and mouth. You shouldn’t touch it with your hands to adjust. 
  • Keep in mind that you will wear the mask for a prolonged time and during hot summer days. Thus, you will need to pick a high-quality material that will feel comfortable. 

With having all of these important features in mind, the Getzor mask is an excellent choice. If you don’t want to lose your precious time looking for a good mask, then go for this one. It is specially designed to block viruses while allowing you to breathe normally.

When you already have a good mask, keep in mind that you should use it accordingly. Disinfect your hands before putting the mask on, and after removing it. Make sure that you don’t touch the front part of your mask when wearing or during removal.

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