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More Voter Fraud in West Virginia, Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Seem to Care

Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday pressed the Democrats’ case for expanding potential vote-by-mail fraud across the country, escalating a fight with President Trump over how elections should be conducted in the year of the Coronavirus. “A small price to pay,” Pelosi said, “for our democracy and the good health of Americans going to the polls.”

“There’s no reason to be afraid of the people,” Pelosi said. “That’s just another insecurity that exists there.” President Donald Trump weighed in on these new Democratic tactics to steal elections.

Is Voter Fraud Real? Democrats have been repeating their frequent claim that voter fraud doesn’t exist. A Salon article argues that “voter fraud just isn’t a problem in Pennsylvania,” despite evidence to the contraryAnother article argues that voter fraud is entirely in the imagination of those who use voter ID laws to deny minorities the right to vote. Voter fraud is real – click here. Take a look at the following video to learn more:

Nearly two-thirds of American voters say the country moving entirely to mail-in voting would likely increase voter fraud, according to the latest Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen. Sixty-two percent (62%) of voters believe that having everyone vote by mail is likely to increase voter fraud, while just 29% disagree. The totals include 39% who believe an increase in fraud is “Very Likely” and just 15% who say it is “Not At All Likely.”

Then there is vote harvesting. The Heritage Foundation – Vote harvesting gives party activists, campaign consultants, and other political guns-for-hire the ability to manipulate election outcomes either through coercion of voters or outright ballot theft and forgery. Yet, in places like California and the District of Columbia, vote harvesting is perfectly legal.

Vote harvesting occurs when third parties – like campaign workers – collect absentee ballots from voters and deliver them to election officials. Most people had never heard that term until the 2018 elections. In North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, the Republican candidate was accused of illegal vote harvesting, and ultimately, the state election board overturned the election. Meanwhile, on the West Coast, concerns about vote harvesting were raised in California after unexpected losses by Republicans in several congressional races. Concerns were especially acute in Orange County, where the registrar of voters reported that individuals were dropping off hundreds of absentee ballots each. Click here for more information on vote harvesting.

And still, there is denial from Democrats about voter fraud. But here we go again, more cases of voter fraud just keep coming. Especially egregious is the potential fraud coming from mail-in ballots targeting the seniors. Here is just the latest coming from West Virginia.

WHSV – is reporting that West Virginia’s secretary of state says they’re investigating an absentee ballot mail-in fraud scheme in the state that was connected to the state’s mass effort for absentee voting amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the start of April, West Virginia county clerk’s offices began an effort to mail absentee ballots to every registered voter in the state. Essentially, every voter registered in the state was sent an absentee ballot application to their registered address. We keep being told not to worry about any mail-in fraud. It could never happen …

“Fraud can occur in many ways during voting, especially when it comes to absentee ballots,” Attorney General Morrisey said. “Our offices want voters to have the ability to recognize these red flags so they can be on the lookout for fraud and help preserve the integrity of our 2020 primary election.” Fraudsters target senior voters at nursing homes, senior living facilities, or apartment complexes. A fraudster may go door to door, find a way to bring up the senior’s absentee ballot, and then say whatever the fraudster thinks it will take to convince the senior voter to vote how the fraudster wants. Fraudsters also may submit an absentee ballot application in the name of a recently deceased person and then steal the ballot from the mailbox upon delivery.

In general, they recommend that no one should accept assistance in marking their absentee ballot unless they know and trust the person offering assistance. Information on West Virginia voting can be found at Anyone who suspects potential voter fraud can contact the Secretary of State’s Election Virginia toll-free at 1-877-FRAUD-WV.

This comes on the back of an extensive case of voter fraud in Pennsylvania. A former Philadelphia judge of elections pleaded guilty in federal court to stuffing ballots in return for bribes during primary elections between 2014 and 2016.

Domenick DeMuro, 73, admitted during a sealed proceeding in March to using his position as an elections judge, which granted him the responsibility of overseeing the entire election process in his jurisdiction, to add fraudulent votes for politicians supported by an unidentified political consultant who had paid him bribes ranging from $300 to $5,000 per election. After stuffing ballots, Demuro then used his authority as an election judge to certify the fraudulent election results, according to his indictment, which was unsealed recently.

DeMuro’s guilty plea states that he was paid by a political consultant to illegally add votes for particular Democrat candidates in primary judicial races. The political consultant who allegedly paid DeMuro had been hired by those Democrat candidates. The criminal complaint has been filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The case number is 2:20-cr-00112-PD.

Want to keep track of the incidents of voter fraud going forward? The Heritage Foundation does a fairly good with the following interactive map that allows you to see state by state of these voter fraud incidents:

The Heritage Foundation – Voter Fraud Tracker

The integrity of our election process is paramount in keeping our Republic honest and fair. Voters need to have trust in our elected representatives. We must not allow our elected officials to continue to dilute election integrity. Be vigilant and report fraud where ever it may be and stand against election policies that can give rise to it. Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats do not feel the same way.

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