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Investing in Qazikoo using the EIS model

Start-up businesses are risky and often find it difficult to get the funding they require. However, the government recognizes that start-ups are essential for the growth of the economy and has since formulated the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) to encourage individuals to invest in these start-ups through diversified funds. Since there is no guarantee that the funds will make a profit, the investors in these funds get tax breaks for taking the risk of investing in businesses which are not well established and may make a loss.

EIS investing in Qazikoo

Start-ups who require funding would like to find out what EIS funds is so that they can apply for this scheme. Qazikoo bank is a new fintech start-up which uses the latest technology to offer the best digital banking services where customers will be able to make local and international payments with one bank account only. They can make transactions in more than thirty different foreign currencies and get the best possible exchange rate. The online banking services are extremely secure and customers will get personalized cards and images with zero fees on international payments and transfers.


Investors who wish to invest their money in the challenger bank Qazikoo should be aware of the investment model EIS. This makes it possible for the investor to purchase shares in the innovative banking start-up at a low price and also get tax breaks for taking the risk. Since the company is aiming to become a unicorn company with its innovative range of online banking services, the investors who opt for EIS investing in Qazikoo will get great returns on their investment with only a small section of their capital .

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