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Having a beautiful smile is a priority for everyone, but if denture is no longer an option, what are the options?

Are you tired of denture? Are they worried about laughing or talking with their friends or at a business meeting? Don’t worry, many of our patients have gone through it, but they have found a solution.

As we all know, dentures go away with simple activities such as laughing, coughing or sneezing, and after a while it starts to feel awkward and people start looking for a change that makes them feel uncomfortable. As such, do not hesitate to visit the Union Dental Shrewsbury clinic if you start finding your dentures uncomfortable.

Snap-on denture implants

This solution is a kind of over-denture, which provides some support from removed implants. Regular denture rest on the gums and fit less tightly in the mouth, but snap-on dentists are anchored in multiple implant positions and do not slip or slip in the area while eating and speaking.

With this simple and inexpensive solution you can forget about injuries caused by loose denture by brushing your gums.

This means these types of dentures can be removed and you can do snap-on denture as many times as needed. A snap or “clip” occurs when the tooth is gently pressed into the head of the mini implant, providing a removable solution and a sharp bite. Snap on denture implants provide the strength and stability to eat your favorite foods.


The implant for this procedure is usually placed in the jaw bone in front of the mouth because there is more bone in the front of the jaw than in the back.

The timeframe for completing the transplant depends on many factors, and it depends on their condition for each patient. The average time for both jaws, including initial diagnosis, surgery and dental appointment, was 6 months. When the patient needs bone graft therapy or other initial procedures, this procedure can last for a year or more.

Generally, each patient needs two surgeries. In the first case, the implant is placed in the jaw just below your gums; The second surgery reveals the top of the implant. It is important to clarify that the second procedure should be done between three and six months after the first.

Benefits of using snap-on denture

• Stability

• Good faith

Handle is easy to maintain

• Inexpensive process

. Eat and drink what you love most

Snap-on denture price

Regular denture and snap-on denture have their own variations, starting at a cost. Price includes two parts: new dentures and auxiliary dental implants.

Design and fabrication to get cast for the upper and lower sets of denture is similar to traditional denture, where little or no initial work is required. The work done during implant surgery raises the cost of the procedure, which is slightly higher than regular dentures.

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