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Democrat Dogma Will Change History and Condemn America’s Future

Capitalism was born with a whimper and without a name. Someone needed a needle to mend clothing and someone else provided the needle at a profit. A woman wanted a colorful fabric for a blouse or a shirt and a factory was built to provide multiple fabrics in multiple colors and designs, for which the customer was pleased, and the factory owner made a profit, while the employees of the factory made more money and lived better than if they were serfs from a feudal European kingdom or were idle and unemployed in a Cuban hovel and dependent on the government for enough food to live and a place to sleep each night.

Then along came Westinghouse, Edison, Ford and Colt and more intricate, scientific and complicated products were made, which made everyone’s lives more pleasant, made them all more wealthy, and enhanced the personal liberty of the entire world. And Capitalism was off and running.

But before long certain people began to put roadblocks in the paths of the new factories, first with strikes, then with labor unions, and finally with federal labor laws. But factories remained on-line and everyone continued to prosper, and for the first time in history the average working person could invest and save money, not have to work from dawn to dusk for a bare subsistence and they could take a pleasant vacation now and then.

Karl Marx was a very opinionated man who didn’t like Capitalism, and vigorously attacked it without doing any permanent damage to successful, well-run factories, although he did accomplish the impoverishment of many nations and destroyed the lives of millions of people who were unfortunate enough to live in fascist, Socialist or Communist countries. But history did not take into consideration the devious, wealthy, comfortable, and powerful American Democrats, who in 2020 convinced President Trump, who had overseen the most robust economic expansion in the history of the world, to kill all of the improvements he had made to the lives of American citizens, when they blind-sided him with fabricated “models” of viral destruction from a Chinese disease that was impacting America. These “models” convinced the president that millions of Americans would die if we did not isolate all people and lockdown all businesses that depended on personal contact with customers.

The American government scientists and doctors who presented President Trump with the predictions of death and destruction previously unseen in this nation, were relying on concerns of public health and the benefit to the nation when they presented their case and convinced the president of the need for a shutdown. Unfortunately, he took their good-faith advice.

But one suspects that this lockdown advice was not made in good faith at all. This was just a new, radical left attempt to resume where Karl Marx had left off, and was intended to put America in its place as a not-so-great nation. It was only much later that we learned that the coronavirus was the least deadly virus we’ve ever seen, but the damage was already done, with many businesses bankrupt and many personal homes repossessed, and an entire nation on the brink.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Someone needs to write a Lessons Leraned covering all the mistakes the so called experts made regarding how this Scam-demic was staged and allowed to be handeled. Chapter 1 should be “Keeping Politics Out “

  2. I certainly can’t argue against the logic & probably of this article. Additionally I would point out a large amount of the relief money already approved and that’s being lobbied for is a part of ‘the plan.’ A broke government is a weak, defenseless government….

    Nor would logic deny that ‘isolation of contagion’ is not only valid, but very basic….as was Trump’s reaction.
    A reaction that would not have been necessary if not for the ‘invincible’ and ‘you can’t tell me what to doers’ that are part of the Meme crowd.

    Many that are standing shoulder to shoulder and infected to infected amid protest do have validity to their actions over the knee jerk decisions of ‘elected hot shots’ primarily in blue states.

    What’s even MORE EFFECTIVE in protection our liberties is the FREEDOM OF VOTING !! Don’t just make signs, and talk the talk…..Get out and help YOUR candidate WIN !!!

    You won’t be bullied if you push back the bully.

    VOTE FOR AMERICA…and say ‘Thank you, Lord”

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