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You Almost Have To Feel Sorry For Poor Old Barack

When Barack Obama stated that, as president, he intended to “fundamentally transform America”, he was basing this promise on taking over the nation’s healthcare system with Obamacare, and using the lie of global warming in order to outlaw automobile usage, halt commercial jet airline travel, convince people to stop using air conditioners in the summer, and generally to put an end to comfortable living in America.

But if only President Obama had the coronavirus, which even under President Trump has indeed caused a significant transformation of America by shutting the nation down socially, financially and economically, he could have really wrought havoc on this nation and kept us under wraps for decades, if not forever, in pursuit of his radical left goals.

And even though we can daily recognize the lies we are being told about the virus by our government medical elites, we are unable to stop their foolishness and get our nation back to work again.

But one thing is certain: Someone on the radical left will take the lesson learned by the current virus shutdown and the destruction of our economy, and use such a future event to permanently keep our nation under wraps and weaken it to the point of death.

Just imagine how much more dire our national situation would be if Donald Trump, who sincerely wants to get the nation back to normal again, were not in the White house. Can anyone really suggest that if one of the Democrat candidates for president, people like Warren, Harris, Sanders, Biden and Booker, were president, that they would not keep the nation locked-down in order to lower the disastrous CO2 level that is allegedly destroying the earth? And would they not attempt to nationalize the companies that were being ruined by inactivity and a lack of income? If a Democrat were in office today, the sermon of fear for this rather tame virus would be preached every day from every left-wing cable network and make people fear death if they even left their homes.

The power of big government is endless, and the willingness of Democrats to wield that powerful hammer is infinite. So, if a Democrat is elected president in November, expect the next flu and cold season to be named as the most serious threat to health that the universe has ever faced, and a replication of the Fauci-Birx shutdown will be implemented and likely allowed to last a long time, making poverty the “new normal’ in America.

Poor old Barack missed his chance to deliver America from the jaws of wealth and liberty, but there will be another crazy leftist loon along in the future, so the left need not give up hope of burying America and our constitution just yet, because the future lies dark ahead.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. But he DID have his chance with H1N1! His minions were asleep at the wheel and he was probably out playing golf. So he let 17,000 people die on his watch.

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