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Why EJ Dalius advocates the use of email marketing for small businesses?

Small businesses need to put in more effort in marketing to draw the attention of customers and ensure faster growth by edging out the competition. There is a general belief that marketing, which consists of advertising, public relations, and promotions, is costly and hence does not suit small businesses that can hardly afford the high costs. But the fact is that to popularize the business. It requires some marketing, and not all marketing techniques are as expensive as you may think. With advancing technologies and spread in digital marketing, there are many means of low-cost marketing and even some free marketing techniques that are highly effective in providing excellent returns.

EJ Dalius, a renowned and successful marketing veteran, believes that small businesses must ensure that every penny spent on marketing is worth it so that they can see several benefits all at once. As small businesses do not have the luxury of spending on multiple marketing campaigns, they must focus on the return on investment, which justifies the choice.

Email marketing is one of the most efficient low-cost marketing that promises a lot for small businesses that can reach out to the customers and grow their customer base while spreading the right word and building their reputation. Interestingly, not only small companies but some of the largest companies in the world stick to e-mail marketing, which proves its effectiveness.

This article focuses on the reasons why small businesses must include e-mail marketing in their marketing strategy.

Build strong relationships with customers as vouched by EJ Dalius

Customers want to see how much you care for them by knowing what you think of them. To get close to your customers, you must take them in confidence and share all information about your business by keeping them posted. This develops a long-term relationship with customers that pay back well in the long run.

Email marketing is most effective to stay in close touch with customers so that you can keep them informed about all events and happenings about your business so that they stay updated. Sending newsletters that contain the latest information about events and product launches and other business news is a great way to maintain transparency with customers that builds trust and helps customers stay connected to the business. It is a great way to nurture customers and leads that are so important for business growth.


Besides its high effectiveness, email marketing is most suitable for small businesses because it is one of the most affordable marketing techniques that provide good returns. Small businesses that operate with a meager marketing budget find it most attractive to reach the audience and engage with them. It requires little money to start an email marketing campaign, and it is quite inexpensive to maintain it over time, thereby allowing a small business owner to get more from their marketing spend.

Consumers prefer e-mail

Addressing consumers in a way that makes them feel most comfortable is the goal of marketers, and considering that consumers prefer e-mail communication, it is only natural for businesses to implement e-mail marketing. As most of the small businesses have a limited budget, they cannot afford to experiment with marketing tactics that do not meet the expectations of consumers in the target market. Although many small businesses take to Social media to advance their marketing goals and communicate with the audience, these channels are often not able to provide the organic reach that marketers look for. E-mail is akin to social media in that it provides a direct and professional medium that makes it easy for businesses to reach out to their customers and leads.

Most consumers prefer email to communicate with brands because it requires their consent to stay connected. Because people come forward and sign up to receive your communication, it shows that they are interested in your business, and you are not just engaging in one-way communication. They want to learn more about your business and brand, and interacting with them will yield better results in business returns.

Reach out to mobile customers

Targeting mobile users is the goal of all marketers because the largest section of the audience uses mobile devices like smartphones to access the internet. The inability to reach the audience that uses mobile devices will deny businesses of substantial growth opportunities. Therefore, implementing marketing automation becomes almost mandatory for small businesses. Interestingly, mobile users frequently check emails on their mobile devices, which ensures that the emails receive the attention of the recipients. Studies have shown that although web browsing might be the most popular activity of mobile users, reading and sending e-mails tops the list. Banking on the ease of email accessibility on mobile devices, it makes perfect sense for small businesses to take up email marketing.

Elaborate communication

Social media ads are indeed effective in achieving marketing goals, which makes it a highly popular option, but it has some limitations. Firstly, social media ads are not cheap, and secondly, the space allocated for social media ads and posts have limited fields and characters. The message or content must be short and crisp to ensure that it does not violate the guidelines of social media ads. Compared to it, emails are more interactive and elaborate as you can use the full features of HTML besides vast options of personalizing content. Moreover, you can include many kinds of media in the email.

High return on investment (ROI)

If affordability is one of the attractions of email marketing, another big attraction is the high return on investment from it, which increases its popularity among small business owners. The tight budget of small businesses is never a deterrent to implementing email marketing because of the high returns of the campaign. The gains come in many forms, like driving more traffic to your company website, improved brand awareness, and improved sales conversions and ensure maximum returns for the spending.

Email marketing integrates very well with other marketing techniques, which helps to maximize the benefits of the campaign for meeting a variety of marketing goals.

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